September 27, 2023

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Second Wave, 1997


Second Wave — 20th Anniversary

SECOND WAVE — 20 Years Later
By Mark A. Moore
Author of Dead Man’s Curve: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Life of Jan Berry

Second Wave

Wounded Bird Records has reissued Jan Berry’s solo album Second Wave, originally released on One Way Records in 1997—a milestone in Jan’s recording career. Two new bonus tracks include “Spring Break (Unreleased Original Version)” and “Get That Girl (Unreleased Spoken Intro Version).”

The bulk of Second Wave was recorded between 1988 and 1993 at various studios around Los Angeles, and at Al Jardine’s studio in Big Sur, California.

In addition to younger talent, the album featured a number of musicians who had recorded on Jan’s original productions in the 1960s, including Plas Johnson, Jay Migliori, Don Peake, Sid Sharp, William Kurasch, James Getzoff, and Jesse Erlich.

The backing vocalists included Joe Chemay and John Joyce, who had sung on Dennis Wilson’s solo album Pacific Ocean Blue, released on Caribou Records in 1977.

The Wounded Bird reissue is a bare-bones affair with no new packaging, but it’s great to have the album available again—and the original version of “Spring Break” is a treat. — (Buy the Album)

Prior to May 2018, the album was last issued in April 2004 to coincide with Jan’s Celebration of Life, held at the Roxy Theatre in Hollywood. Everyone in attendance was given a copy of the Memorial Edition of Second Wave, printed at Rainbo Records in Santa Monica, California, with a  new 16-page booklet.

Second Wave, 2004
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