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Second Wave, 1997


Jan Berry’s ‘Second Wave’ Gets Digital Release

Associate producer Rob Kuropatwa has issued a digital version of Second Wave, Jan Berry’s solo album from 1997. The release features the original lineup plus previously unreleased bonus tracks. The sound quality has also been restored.

“Hard to believe, but Jan and I started working on this album together 34 years ago!” says Rob. “Wish he was still here to enjoy its premier digital release. He was so proud of the work we did on this project all those years ago. This ‘Deluxe Edition’ of the album contains several versions of these songs you’ve never heard before, including a couple of the songs presented in a karaoke mix and some with alternate intros, too. Second Wave is presented here for the first time in its full sonic glory, with uncompressed dynamic range and original EQ, from a digital copy of the master tape. We hope you enjoy it!”

Second Wave (Deluxe Edition)
Jan Berry

21 Tracks • Playing Time: 01:11:00 • Released January 28, 2023:

  1. Get That Girl
  2. Spring Break
  3. The Little Old Lady (From Pasadena)
  4. Love Her Tonight
  5. She’s Dancing, Dancing
  6. Honolulu Lulu
  7. Oh, The Love Inside Me
  8. Hawaiian Isles
  9. Dead Man’s Curve
  10. So Here I Go Again
  11. Get A Job
  12. Surf City
  13. 31 Flavors, 31 Years – Jan Berry feat. Jan & Dean
  14. Epilogue
  15. Spring Break (Original Version)
  16. Get That Girl (Karaoke Mix)
  17. Spring Break (Original Version – Karaoke Mix)
  18. Spring Break (Alternate Mix – No Rap)
  19. So Here I Go Again (Full Intro)
  20. Get That Girl (Alternate Intro – “Dean”)
  21. Get That Girl (Alternate Intro – “Dude”)

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Jan Berry
Jan Berry

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