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History — 1960

We Go Together

By Mark A. Moore
Author of Dead Man’s Curve: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Life of Jan Berry


January 1960 —Jan & Dean performed at the Cocoanut Grove in Santa Cruz and on Wink Martindale’s Dance Party.

JAN BERRY and JILL GIBSON, Fiji Alley Party, 1960 — © Jill Gibson

February 1960 — Doré Records released “White Tennis Sneakers.”

JAN BERRY and JILL GIBSON, Fiji Formal, Spring 1960 — © Jill Gibson

• February 1960 — Jan was initiated into the the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity at UCLA. Nicknamed “Fiji,” the fraternity gave name to Jan’s personal music publishing company, Fiji Music.

Jan & Dean with actress Shelley Fabares
Actress SHELLEY FABARES with JAN BERRY and JAN & DEAN, 1960 — Photos by Eddie Colbert.

February-March 1960“Clementine” peaked on the national charts: #65 Billboard and #88 Cash Box.

March 1960 — Doré Records released the Jan & Dean LP, also known as The Jan & Dean Sound.

Jan & Dean
“JAN & DEAN” LP, 1960

May 1960 — Doré released “We Go Together.” With the picture sleeve for “We Go Together,” the public imagery associated with Jan & Dean began to reflect the Southern California beach culture.

We Go Together
“WE GO TOGETHER” Picture Sleeve, 1960

June 1960“Safari Swing” — Jan & Dean performed at the Bel Air Bay Club in Pacific Palisades.

July 1960 —Dot Records issued a single and EP featuring several sides by Jan & Arnie from 1958.

Jan & Arnie
JAN & ARNIE, Dot Records EP Picture Cover, 1960

August 1960 —Jan & Dean performed at the Wisconsin State Fair.

September 1960 —Jan & Dean performed at Grosinger’s Catskill Resort in New York.

September 1960“We Go Together” peaked on the national charts: #39 Cash Box and #53 Billboard.

JAN & DEAN, "Movie Teen Illustrated Magazine," 1960
JAN & DEAN, “Movie Teen Illustrated Magazine,” 1960

October 1960 — Jan & Dean appeared on the cover of Movie Teen Illustrated as part of the magazine’s feature article on the duo, “Jan and Dean Invade Malibu.” They showed up for the spread in a white rag-top T-Bird, and the cover photo was shot at La Costa Beach. The national teen rags and local press had begun tying Jan & Dean to Southern California beach culture as part of their everyday lifestyles. Press articles mentioning their personal interest in surfing, cars, and drag racing would continue through 1961 and 1962.

October 1960 — Doré released “Gee.”

October 1960 — Jan & Dean performed at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium.

December1960“Gee” peaked on the national charts: #81 Billboard.

Jan & Dean, Gee, 1960
JAN & DEAN, Picture Sleeve for “GEE,” 1960

© Mark A. Moore. All rights reserved.

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