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History — 1961

Jan & Dean

By Mark A. Moore
Author of Dead Man’s Curve: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Life of Jan Berry


January 1961 — Doré Records released “Judy’s An Angel.”

Lou Adler Signs with Nevins-Kirshner Associates

January-April 1961Herb Alpert left to pursue a solo career and Lou Adler was hired by production company Nevins-Kishner Associates in New York. Their publishing company was Aldon Music.

Jan & Dean
LOU ADLER (second from left) and HERB ALPERT (far right) with JAN & DEAN

February 1961 — Ripple Records released Jan’s solo single “Tomorrow’s Teardrops.” Jan’s girlfriend Jill Gibson sang on the record. Dean Torrence designed the disc label.

Ripple Label, 1961

March 1961 — Jan & Dean performed at the Alameda Naval Air Station, KPIX Dance Party.

• April 1961 — Jan & Dean performed at the Grand Ballroom at UCLA.

• May 1961 — Challenge Records released “Heart and Soul,” arranged by Jan. Distributed by Warner Bros.

Challenge Records

Jan & Dean
JAN & DEAN, Publicity Photo Ca. 1961

• May 1961 — Liberty Records released “Jump In the Line” / “Why Do I Love Her” by The Gents. Both sides were co-published by Jan’s Fiji Music Company. Jan also assisted Lou Adler with the production.

June 1961 — Jan & Dean performed on American Bandstand.

June 1961 — Jan & Dean joined a Caravan of Stars tour on the East Coast.

July 1961“Heart and Soul” peaked on the national charts: #16 Cash Box and #25 Billboard.

• July 1961 — Jan copyrighted his original composition “I’m Dying To Give You My Love.”

August 1961 — Doré released “Julie.”

August 1961 — Jan & Dean performed at the Hollywood Bowl.

September 1961“Heart and Soul” peaked on the UK charts: #24.

Jan & Dean Sign with Nevins-Kirshner Associates

September 1961 — Jan & Dean signed as artists with production company Nevins-Kirshner Associates in New York.

Jan Berry Signs as a Songwriter and Producer with Nevins-Kirshner Associates

September 1961 — Jan signed production and songwriting contracts with Nevins-Kirshner Associates in New York. His original compositions would now be published by Aldon Music.

September 1961Lou Adler became head of the West Coast office of Nevins-Kirshner Associates, based at 6515 Sunset Boulevard. Jan and Lou now represented a California extension of the Brill Building music scene.

September 1961 — Challenge released “Wanted, One Girl,” arranged by Jan. This was the first single for which Jan received official label credit as an arranger.

Jan & Dean Sign with Liberty Records

October 1961 — Jan & Dean signed an artist contract with Liberty Records, a deal brokered by Nevins-Kirshner Associates and facilitated by Liberty’s Snuff Garrett.

Liberty Records Label Logo

Jan & Dean
JAN & DEAN, Circa 1961

• October 1961 — “Wanted, One Girl” “bubbled under” on the national charts: #104 Billboard.

Jan Writes, Arranges, and Produces for “Pixie”

October 1961 — Jan arranged and produced “I’m Dying To Give My Love To You,” slated for release by an artist named Pixie. Jan co-wrote the song with friend and collaborator Don Altfeld. Likely Blossoms related, this stellar “Girl Group” track featured many of the hallmarks of Jan’s later hit arrangements and productions for Jan & Dean.

The Bel Air Fire of 1961

November 1961 — The Berry family home at 1111 Linda Flora Drive in Bel Air was destroyed in the Bel Air Fire of 1961.

November 1961 — Liberty released “A Sunday Kind of Love.” Jan received label credit as the arranger for both sides.

Jan & Dean, A Sunday Kind of Love

November 1961 — Jan & Dean toured the Midwest with Dick & Dee Dee.

December 1961 — Jan & Dean performed at Murray the K’s Gigantic Christmas Show in New York City.

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