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Life can have a higher meaning in a Carnival of Sound

History — 1962


By Mark A. Moore
Author of Dead Man’s Curve: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Life of Jan Berry


January 1962 — Jan & Dean performed at the Cow Palace in San Francisco.

January 1962 “A Sunday Kind of Love” peaked on the national charts: #95 Billboard.

Liberty Records Label Logo

Jan & Dean
JAN & DEAN Publicity Photo, Circa 1962

“I’m Dying To Give My Love To You” — Jan’s Production for Pixie

February 1962 — The single release for “I’m Dying To Give My Love To You,” co-written, arranged, and produced by Jan in 1961 for the artist Pixie, fell through. It was reportedly slated for the Epic label.

Jan Arranges Music for Deane Hawley

April 1962 — Liberty Records released “Queen of the Angels” / “You Conquered Me” by Deane Hawley. Both sides were arranged and conducted by Jan, with label credit.

Deane Hawley

April 1962 — Liberty released “Tennessee,” which had come into the fold via Nashville songwriters Buzz Cason and Bobby Russell. Musicians on this track included Jerry Allison and Tommy Allsup. Allison had been the drummer for Buddy Holly & the Crickets, and had co-written the hit songs “That’ll Be the Day” and “Peggy Sue” with Holly. Allsup had played lead guitar on some of Holly’s recordings, including “It’s So Easy” and “Heartbeat.”

May 1962 — Jan & Dean performed at the Seattle World’s Fair.

Jan & Dean, Circa 1962
JAN & DEAN, Circa 1962 — (Courtesy Johnny Franklin Photography)

June 1962 — Jan & Dean performed at the Moulin Rouge in Hollywood.

June 1962 —  “Tennessee” peaked on the national charts: #69 Billboard and #83 Cash Box.

• July 1962 —  Jan & Dean performed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

• August 1962 —Liberty released the Jan & Dean’s Golden Hits LP.

Jan & Dean's Golden Hits LP

Jan & Dean Begin Performing Live with the Beach Boys

August 1962 —By August Jan & Dean had begun performing live with the Beach Boys. Both acts appeared at the 6th Annual Reseda Jubilee, a community carnival in Reseda.

The Beach Boys
The BEACH BOYS, Capitol Records Publicity Photo, 1962

August 1962 — Liberty  released “My Favorite Dream.”

September 1962 — The Berry family moved into their new home at 1111 Linda Flora Drive in Bel Air, rebuilt after the Bel Air Fire of 1961.

October 1962 — Jan & Dean performed at the American Legion Hall in Modesto.

November 1962 — Jan & Dean performed at the Hollywood Palladium.

November 1962 — Liberty  released “Frosty (The Snow Man).”

December 1962 — Jan & Dean performed at the Cinnamon Cinder in Long Beach.

Jan Berry becomes the Official Producer for Jan & Dean

December 1962 — With the sessions for “Linda,” Jan assumed full responsibility for producing Jan & Dean’s music. Having served in an official capacity as an arranger for Lou Adler’s productions over the past year, Jan had now moved into the top spot, per his contract with Nevins-Kirshner. From this point Jan would take Jan & Dean to new heights of success.

© Mark A. Moore. All rights reserved.

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