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Carnival of Sound – Officially Released After 40 Years

Carnival of Sound

Jan & Dean’s long lost psychedelic pop album Carnival of Sound is finally seeing the official light of day — in unprecedented sound quality from Rhino Handmade.

Gone are the days when listeners have to rely on bootlegs from poor quality acetates to experience this lost treasure. There is no such thing as a good bootleg of Carnival of Sound. Until now, almost no one has heard this music from the original master tapes, or in the quality presented on the new Rhino release.

Produced by Jan Berry between 1966 and 1968, Carnival of Sound features music the Jan & Dean leader had started recording before his crippling 1966 auto accident — tracks that Jan returned to the studio to finish after he was released from the hospital. A number of cuts on the album were also recorded entirely after the crash.

As with Jan’s pre-accident productions for Jan & Dean, Carnival of Sound was recorded in the Hollywood studio system. It features the famous Wrecking Crew of musicians and A-list studio singers, including Glen Campbell, Ron Hicklin, and Tom Bahler.

This is what Jan Berry was up to in the studio while Brian Wilson was working on Smile, Wild Honey, and Friends with the Beach Boys.

This era of Jan Berry’s recording career was completely ignored in the 1978 Jan & Dean film biography Deadman’s Curve, and was also noteably absent from Paul Morantz’s 1974 Rolling Stone article on which the movie was loosely based.

The liner notes — written by Mark Moore, Domenic Priore, and producer Andrew Sandoval — place the album in its proper historical context with an essay and a detailed chronology.

The album debuts in February. Join the Rhino Listening Party and order your copy today.

Release Formats:

CD Edition — 29 tracks featuring mono, stereo, and alternate takes. Plus a 32-page booklet with extensive liner notes.

Deluxe Edition — CD plus a 10-track vinyl LP (mono) with a gorgeous hardbound gatefold jacket and extensive liner notes.

Order from Rhino Handmade

Carnival of Sound Website

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Gotham Sirius — Kick Out the Jams

Mark Moore was in New York City June 12, 2009, for an appearance on Kick Out the Jams, a popular Sirius Satellite Radio program hosted by legendary music journalist and author Dave Marsh. The two-hour show on Jan & Dean aired later in June.

Dave Marsh co-founded the influential CREEM Magazine in 1969. As a music critic and editor, he’s written for Newsday, Rolling Stone, Playboy, and many other publications.

A best-selling and Grammy Award-winning author, Marsh’s many books include Born to Run and Glory Days (biographies of Bruce Springsteen), Louie Louie, and The Heart of Rock and Soul: The 1001 Greatest Singles Ever Made.

In 1983, Marsh started Rock & Roll Confidential, an industry insider newsletter that’s now known as Rock & Rap Confidential. Their mantra? “We accept no advertising so we are free to tell the truth about what’s going on in music. We promote every style of music.”

In 1971, Marsh was still at CREEM Magazine when he wrote “An Analytical Study” for Jan & Dean’s Anthology LP. This lengthy article was the first important journalistic piece written about the duo after Jan Berry’s career-ending automobile accident in 1966. The album was also the first major Jan & Dean compilation of the post-accident era.

Kick Out the Jams aired on The Loft, Channel 29 (eclectic rock music) — Sundays, 10:00 a.m.-Noon ET, and is rebroadcast on Wednesdays at midnight ET.

From Sirius:Kick Out The Jams with Dave Marsh is based at the intersection of music and politics. Dave tells stories, interviews music figures and others, takes calls from listeners, intertwines politics and plays some really cool records.”