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Filet of Soul Redux: The Rejected Master Recordings

Filet of Soul Redux

CORPORATE SOUL: Jan Berry’s Quest for Business Autonomy in 1966
By Mark A. Moore
Author of The Jan & Dean Record (McFarland, 2016)

In the wake of Jan Berry’s horrific 1966 car accident, Dean Torrence first sprang the sound collage strangeness of Filet of Soul on the record-buying public in 1971 when he plopped an abridged version on Side 4 of Anthology—without explaining what it was. Even without context legendary Rock journalist Dave Marsh proclaimed it “an almost operatic excursion through the blackest rock and roll humor ever waxed.” Following the Anthology experiment the master recordings rejected by Liberty Records in ‘66 remained in Dean’s sole—soul—possession, and over the years poor quality bootlegs made the rounds among collectors. The September 2017 release of Filet of Soul Redux warrants a closer look at Jan’s career in late ’65 and early ’66 to provide crucial context not found in the brief liner notes penned by Dean Torrrence and David Beard.

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