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Title: 1965 Pop Symphony
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JAN & DEAN'S POP SYMPHONY NO. 1 (in 12 Hit Movements) LIBERTY LRP-3414 (M); LST-7414 (S) (May)

The Little Old Lady from Pasadena
(Jan Berry - Don Altfeld - Roger Christian)

Baby Talk

Honolulu Lulu
(Jan Berry - Roger Christian - Lou Adler)

Dead Man's Curve
(jan Berry - Roger Christian - Artie Kornfeld - Brian Wilson)

Surf City
(Jan Berry - Brian Wilson)

It's a Shame to Say Goodbye
(Jill Gibson - Don Altfeld)

Drag City
(Jan Berry - Roger Christian - Brian Wilson)

You Really Know How to Hurt a Guy
(Jan Berry - Jill Gibson - Roger Christian)

Sidewalk Surfin'
(Brian Wilson - Roger Christian)

Heart and Soul
(Carmichael - Loesser)

The New Girl In School
(Jan Berry - Brian Wilson - Roger Christian - Bob Norberg)


Produced by Jan Berry for Screen Gems, Inc.

The Bel-Aire Pops Orchestra

Arranged and Conducted by Jan Berry and George Tipton

Engineer: Bones Howe


Liner Notes: Jan Berry

Cover Design and Photography: Studio Five, Jill Gibson

The Song "Little Old Lady from Pasadena" Reflects Jan Berry's Restored Songwriting Credit, as of January 2002.
Title: Re: 1965 Pop Symphony
Post by: Moon Dawg on June 06, 2014, 06:21:33 PM
  I got the POP SYMPHONY album as part of a twofer with DRAG CITY. This record could be described as a "vanity project" of sorts, but it also serves as a unique calling card for Jan Berry's versatile talents. All these years later, the Jan & Dean catalog is richer and deeper because of albums like this, as is our appreciation for Jan's music. Especially enjoy the Wagnerian heaviness of "Dead Man's Curve." This is a very fine mood album. ****