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Title: Papa Doo Run Run
Post by: jdman on May 24, 2013, 07:31:35 AM
Hey guys, I've never been too curious about Jan & Dean's Phase II. I guess because I was there and saw it for myself. But I've been reading up on Papa Doo Run Run and couldn't help but notice that they have completely deleted Jan & Dean music from their show and albums. In the 70's and early 80's, they were Jan & Dean's band,right? Their name is from a Jan & Dean song, right? I can't help but wonder why they don't play any Jan & Dean anymore. Was there a dispute? Does the record company want too much money for the rights to Jan & Dean music? Or have they decided that playing the Beach Boys is enough to represent the California Sound? It just amazes me that a band that was so tied to Jan & Dean would completely wipe them out of their set.

Also, wikipedia has that Papa Doo Run Run has two albums that charted in the Billboard Top 200, one of them peaking at # 17. I didn't know they had that much success as recording artists. But then again, wikipedia isn't always right, so I don't know.
Title: Re: Papa Doo Run Run
Post by: jdman on May 26, 2013, 06:06:56 AM
OK, I just checked Billboard's album history and Papa Doo Run Run does not have a chart album, so forget the last couple of lines of my thread. But it anyone knows why Papa Doo Run Run cut J&D out of their set completely, I'd like to know. Maybe it's nothing. Don't know.
Title: Re: Papa Doo Run Run
Post by: burton on May 26, 2013, 07:38:59 AM
Honestly J&Dman

My opinion because nobody remembers jan & dean. We are a dying breed. People remember Surf City(song) but everyone thinks brian wrote it all. skewed history on dean's part(and most media) helps this along. As far as band's go everyband makes themselves sound better than what they are. (charttoppers NOT). It's what people do.
Title: Re: Papa Doo Run Run
Post by: Mike on May 26, 2013, 01:47:33 PM
I  hate to say it, but I feel the TAMI show DVD release was Jan and Dean's last big chance and the liner notes of that didn't do them justice IMO.  Lou getting in the RRHOF was good too, but not enough.  Maybe if they get in the RRHOF and if Mark comes through with his Jan and Dean book, sessions, etc... Jan and Dean will catch the last ride into music history.  I think only one those things will happen though.

Keep the fire burning Mark!
Title: Re: Papa Doo Run Run
Post by: jdman on May 26, 2013, 05:49:06 PM
Good points guys. You never know what can happen. Certainly Marks book will help. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is long over due.
But sometimes it's just as simple as a scene in a movie that gets a lot of attention. Pulp Fiction changed Dick Dale's life-certainly from a national standpoint. La Bamba- nobody knew Richie Valens before this movie. Heck, my parents really didn't remember Richie and they were in high school. I guess Deadmans Curve was great in 1978 to bring Jan & Dean back. But now that's been forgotten. So our boys need another boost.
Another reason that the band stopped playing them is possibly the difficulty of the arrangements. I know this is a stretch, but I talked to a band in 1985 in Florida who played Beach Boys, Hermins Hermit, etc. After the set, I asked them to play Jan & Dean next time. The singer told me he would love to but they would need more members. He said that the J&D songs were too complicated for them. That was the first time I'd heard that. I started listening a little closer after that. To do it right, Jan & Dean songs are more complicated than the early Beach Boy hits. Anyway, thanks for discussing.
Title: Re: Papa Doo Run Run
Post by: 2dean2 on May 26, 2013, 07:34:24 PM
I 've heard the same thing from every "Bar" band I 've asked to do J&D. There must be a rift since Papa knows J&D stuff good enough to do it justice . Hell if it were not for J&D these guys would be NOBODIES  :o