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CARNIVAL OF SOUND / To balance out Carnival of Sound
« on: April 05, 2010, 06:15:01 PM »
I just got a chance to hear the Rhino Handmade release of Carnival of Sound and I absolutely love it. This release reaffirms my belief that it is the equal to Brian Wilson's Smile in terms of their respective greatest works and statements of the times!

The only catch I have, and an answer to a lot of gripes about the album that people have is the exclusion of Dean's vocal take of "Louisiana Man."

I know the second recording of it has more brass and a more thorough backing track, but to me it just isn't as strong as Jan's earlier take and the vocals have always seemed a bit sloppy.

To me it would have really balanced the album out to have Jan's "Only a Boy" on side one with Dean's vocal recording of "Louisiana Man" on side two. That way, each Jan and Dean would have been equally represented with a lead vocal each. It really is a shame that their relationship was so strained that this couldn't have been the case.

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