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Title: Gary Usher
Post by: surferbee on May 22, 2011, 07:31:13 AM
Jan's work with Brian Wilson is pretty well known (still waiting for Mark's definitive biography) but what about Gary Usher. Did Jan work with him at all? Did I read somewhere that there was a fallout somewhere along the line? I wondered what Jan thought of Gary's stuff and whether there was any plan for them to work together.
Title: Re: Gary Usher
Post by: Admin on May 22, 2011, 01:34:07 PM

Gary has said that he sang back-up with BW on the first version of DMC.

Gary also described playing on a live date with J&D . . . but Jan and Gary didn't get along, so they never worked together creatively.
Title: Re: Gary Usher
Post by: jdman on May 22, 2011, 04:56:05 PM
In the interview with Gary Usher on his CD, he says that he sang some back up on Jan & Dean. He also said that Jan helped him as well. He said that himself, Brian Wilson, Jan Berry, and Melcher were just a pool of talent that helped each other ( I'm paraphrasing) This interview was in the 90's, I believe. So whatever bad feelings he had for Jan must have been forgiven. He also talked about Roger Christian and how he got Roger and Jan together. He said that Roger and Jan wrote many many major hits together. The main thing I liked about Gary's interview was that he didn't twist things to make it look like Brian did everything. Brian was mentioned as a major talent and that he worked with Brian and Brian and Roger worked with Jan.