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Title: Carol Kaye
Post by: jdman on June 23, 2015, 11:48:54 AM
Wow, I've always liked Carol Kaye. I still respect her work very much. I've enjoyed having her on Facebook until today. She put up a blog about Brian Wilson and the movie and how the movie was not accurate because it shows people giving Brian advice. She said he never needed advice. He ran the show. I simply replied that they all needed a little help along the way. I mentioned Jan showing Brian things but then I said that Brian certainly surpassed Jan to become a great producer. She deleted my comment(which had already gotten several likes) and ranted that people(like me) believe everything we read and that Jan was taught by engineers, implying he didn't know too much. So I replied by very nicely saying that I don't believe what I read, I believe what Brian, Bones Howe, Hal, Glen and yes, Carol have all said that Jan and of course Brian were great producers. I ended it by telling her how Jan and Brian have the utmost respect for her in interviews.

Then she deleted me from her Facebook! I still don't know what I said wrong. Apparently, she does not like people talking about Jan.
Title: Re: Carol Kaye
Post by: BlackSea on June 23, 2015, 02:00:27 PM
Lol dude just laugh it off.
Did she have a problem working under Jans direction I don't know where I read something like that. She has a jazz bass background from what I've read maybe she thought the Jan and Dean sound was to basic for her.
Dude what an ego, deleted for not agreeing with her, lol.
Until next time
Title: Re: Carol Kaye
Post by: Admin on June 23, 2015, 03:18:56 PM

When I corresponded with Carol during my research, she had nice things to say about Jan.

Carol doesn't care for Hal Blaine, and accuses him of inventing the "Wrecking Crew" moniker, which she hates.

She also disliked Denny Tedesco's documentary about the musicians.
Title: Re: Carol Kaye
Post by: jdman on June 23, 2015, 05:37:49 PM
Yeah, I'm not sure what it is Blacksea and Mark. I've read the things Mark posted and it appears she has respect for Jan. When I first became friends with her, she and I discussed Jan and it was very positive. Something is different now. She seems to have attached herself to Brian, which I understand the talent there. But I must have worded something wrong or she just took it wrong. Who knows.
But I'm more convinced now more than ever that although memory is important, the documentation is even more important. On YouTube, there is a California Girls session(which Mark put on here a while back), where Brian references Jan during the session. If she or anyone doesn't think Brian thought about Jan in the studio, that was in 1965. But it's all good. I'll let her be.
Title: Re: Carol Kaye
Post by: Admin on June 23, 2015, 06:06:35 PM

She seems to have a lot of conflicts with people. She apparently will delete people for simply using the name "Wrecking Crew," etc.
Title: Re: Carol Kaye
Post by: 2dean2 on June 24, 2015, 10:27:44 AM
I talked to her on her site . And yes she booted me too. She HATES Rock and Roll . And for some reason Jan's and other surf music was "Ditch Digging music " DUGGA DUGGA DUGGA. How ever Brian and Phil were musical geniuses . I ask her how it was to work with a real genius Jan Berry . And she had no idea he was one . I let her know he was . And in med school . She also will cut and paste this I was the number one on call bassist . So if it was recorded it was me . Complains that they never got credit from the bands . But doesnt care when pointed out that Jan did on Surf City. I was kicked off after I told her she need to listen to the tracks she recorded for Jan & Dean . That since she had to play the stuff( R&R )10 -12 hrs  a day . She didnt realize how good it was. Tommy Tedesco called her "A Dumb C*%t . Sooooo
Title: Re: Carol Kaye
Post by: jdman on June 24, 2015, 10:52:15 AM
I think she is changing lately. She obviously had respect for Jan in the past. She thought he was a great producer at one time. Now, it's like Jan is competition for her baby-Brian Wilson. She seems to be against Jan now. Weird. Because I know she use to like him from earlier interviews.
Title: Re: Carol Kaye
Post by: Admin on June 24, 2015, 11:42:14 AM

Well, I think it's a shame that she and Hal can't get along. Carol is getting older, like all of those musicians . . . and there is simply no way she can keep the details straight on all those producers, performers, and sessions, which took place 50 or more years ago. No one could.

She is not going to be happy about my book.

In all of the documentation that survives at AFM Local 47 (musicians union), her name appears on only one contract for a Jan & Dean session, and that was in 1965. However, I was able to illustrate that Jan paid her for an undocumented session in 1962. There could have been multiple such sessions.

I told Carol about the documentation, and I asked if she would be kind enough to check her log books for Jan & Dean dates. I told her I wanted to make sure she got credit if her name was left off of the AFM contracts for some reason. I could have easily matched her dates with known sessions. She said she would check and get back to me . . . but she never did.

That doesn't mean she doesn't have Jan & Dean dates in her log book. But it was disappointing.

Her public feud with Hal is something else. Here's what Hal told the L.A. Record in 2009:

"Well, today of course I’m very upset with that goddamn Carol Kaye. She’s just so full of garbage. I saw her at the musicians union and I screamed expletives at the top of my lungs—‘Don’t you come near me, you son of a bitch!’ I laid it on her something terrible. She ran away. I haven’t seen her or talked to her since, and I wouldn’t anyway. She should have been tried for treason."
Title: Re: Carol Kaye
Post by: sunny13 on July 06, 2015, 07:54:27 PM
She also had nice things to say to me about Jan Berry and I have the impression that she is very respectful for him.  She posted on her page once that if someone mention the 'Wrecking Crew' that she will delete and block them.  That got me a little wondered. She seems very open and forward.
Title: Re: Carol Kaye
Post by: 1Jay1 on July 15, 2015, 02:52:20 PM
I had an email from her,I asked her about ritchie valens,she said she hasn t time to answer questions about him,and blocked me,even though Bob keane, Ritchies manager had said I should ask her, while I was in contact with him, Had no problem with him(bob), To be honest shes more intrested in her own music.