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« on: April 30, 2012, 08:47:40 AM »
I have been working on Jan and Dean's wikipedia page in the last week. Here's what is there currently on The Barons:

"In order to enter at a talent competition at University High School, Berry and Torrance helped form a doo-wop group]] known as "The Barons" (named after their high school's Hi-Y club, where they were members), which comprised fellow University High students William "Chuck" Steele (lead singer), Arnold P. "Arnie" Ginsburg (born November 19, 1939) (1st tenor), Wallace S. "Wally" Yagi (born 20 July 1940) (2nd tenor), John 'Sagi" Seligman (2nd tenor), with Berry singing bass, and Torrence providing falsetto.

During its short duration, Sandy Nelson, a neighbor of Torrence, played drums, and future Beach Boy Bruce Johnston, occasionally sang and played piano. The Barons rehearsed for hours in the garage of Berry's parents' home at 1111 Linda Flora Drive, Bel Air, where Berry's father provided an upright piano and two two-track Ampex reel-to-reel tape recorders. During primitive recording sessions in the garage, Berry served as producer and arranger, and experimented with multi-part vocal arrangements (five years before he started working professionally with Brian Wilson).

In 1958 The Barons performed to popular acclaim at the talent competition at University High School, covering contemporary hits like "Get a Job", "Rock and Roll Is Here To Stay", and "Short Shorts". However, after the contest various members of The Barons drifted away, leaving only Berry and Torrance, who tried to write their own songs."

Any corrections needed?

I have tried to identify the members of The Barons. Is this the correct line-up?

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