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Title: Carnival - Jan Berry Tribute Mp3s
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Here are a few mp3 files representing some of the Carnival of Sound cuts we did for the Jan Berry Tribute, released in the summer of 2008:

Jan Berry of Jan & Dean

Produced by Cameron Michael Parkes and Mark A. Moore
From Jan Berry's original music scores

Carnival of Sound (http://www.carnivalofsound.com/tribute-tracks/carnival-of-sound_jan-berry-tribute_08.mp3)
Lead Vocal Tom Bahler, who sang lead on the original version in 1968

Girl, You're Blowin' My Mind (http://www.carnivalofsound.com/tribute-tracks/blowin-my-mind_jan-berry-tribute_08.mp3)
"Acoustic" version One of many arrangements Jan Berry experimented with for this song

Laurel & Hardy (http://www.carnivalofsound.com/tribute-tracks/laurel-and-hardy_jan-berry-tribute_08.mp3)
Featuring the original string arrangement written by Jan Berry and his team, but not used for the final album Laurel & Hardy Voices: Alan Boyd

Fan Tan (http://www.carnivalofsound.com/tribute-tracks/fan-tan_jan-berry-tribute_08.mp3)
Lead and Harmony Vocals  Don Grady (film composer, Yellow Balloon, My Three Sons) and Michael Carey Schneider (Sneaker)

Fan Tan - "a cappella" (http://www.carnivalofsound.com/tribute-tracks/fan-tan_a-cappella_jan-berry-tribute_08.mp3)
Don Grady and Michael Carey Schneider highlight one of Jan Berry's best post-accident vocal arrangements