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Title: My Carnival Of Sound Deluxe Edition Just Arrived!
Post by: MichaelB on February 26, 2010, 04:18:00 PM
It's unbelievable!  You get a lot for your money. The album cover is thick like a book and the labels on the vinyl and cd are so cool not to mention the booklet.  The sound will give you a whole new respect for these great songs.  I'll definitely be buying another to keep sealed as well as the individual CD.  Thanks to everyone involved in making this come true.
Title: Re: My Carnival Of Sound Deluxe Edition Just Arrived!
Post by: ripplewine on April 08, 2010, 05:21:27 PM
I agree, Michael! I got the regular CD release last week and decided to snag a copy of the Deluxe LP/CD, too--it arrived yesterday, very securely packaged. The Deluxe album cover is very nicely done and high-quality, just like you said.  I thought it was cool how they used the United Recorders label for the LP and the Jan And Dean Records label for the CD.  Dean's cover artwork is absolutely bitchen!  The LP cover is big enough to really showcase it; thus overcoming the only drawback of CDs.  The record itself is one of the good thick ones like they used to make in the '60s; Rhino didn't cut corners and go with one of the thin '80s-style "floppy discs!"  That was the only problem I had with Capitol when they put out a limited run of vinyl Beatles albums back in the 1990s.

If there really are only 1500 LPs, buying another one to archive is a good idea--I might do the same thing. 

I think my favorite songs are the stereo versions of Girl You're Blowin' My Mind with the ba-bas added, Louisiana Man, Fan Tan, Carnival of Sound, and Mulholland.  I have a new appreciation for Stay, now that I've heard the full production--all I had previously was an unfinished rough version with no vocals.  I'd like to give my thanks to everyone involved also for making it happen.  I'm going to be listening to this one a lot!