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« on: January 09, 2010, 07:54:21 AM »
I've heard several interviews with Gary Usher,P.F. Sloan, Gary Zeckley, and Brian Wilson. The one thing in common with all these interviews is that they all say that Jan Berry was one of the first producers they learned from. They all(even Brian)watched Jan work and learned from him.Yet, when I read articles not written by Mark, Jan never seems to get the credit he deserves. It seems that most surf articles are written from the perspective that Brian Wilson did everything and everyone copied him.Of course, there is no doubt that Brian started vocal surf music and all these guys(included Jan) got a lot from him. But when listening to all these great producers, Jan's name comes up as being in the forefront and inspiring them to record better records.Hal Blaine should be included as another one that states Jan's influence on music.But, again, I don't get that feeling when reading most of the music historians.
Not only was Jan very influencial during the production years, but Jan & Dean(&Arnie) influenced the California sound in the early years as well. Mike Love admits The song Surfin was a rip off of the early Jan & Dean records. Al Jardine and Bruce Johnson stated that the Beach Boys were big Jan & Arnie and Dean Fans in 1958-1961.Lets not forget the picture sleeve on We Go Together. That was Jan & Dean on the beach before "Beach Music"started. I hope you are still working on the Jan Berry biography Mark, because these things should be brought up.


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Re: Legacy
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It was on the biography tv show that i first heard somebody give jan a mention about his production,and this was brian wilson,aprt from that i ve heard nothing,I read articles and other people saying how great brian wilson is as a producer,but it was jan who gave brian tips in the studio,

For one reason the people in the music industry did not give jan the credit that he deserved,

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Re: Legacy
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I read on the sleeve of a J&D double album that "Jenny Lee" was recorded on a self-built tape recorder.

BTW, is it true that Jan had an IQ of 200? And I thought I was bright (153)... :o

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Re: Legacy
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I hope you are still working on the Jan Berry biography Mark, because these things should be brought up.

Of course I'm still working on it . . .

When Carnival of Sound comes out, you'll get to see the results of a small portion of my research.