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Salzburg Surf Scene

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Re: Jan and Dean Outside Projects Pre 66
« Reply #45 on: February 17, 2014, 05:48:14 AM »
If your in doubt apply the Salzburg Surf Scene theory, that is put it out there and somehow somewhere someone will work it out and more than likely not thru clinical research. And if all else fails just credit it to Arnie Ginsburg.

I like the idea I've been credited with a new methodology!

Actually, most academic historians will try anything to avoid admitting that they're wrong. Stick to your original argument, and if people reckon they have proved you wrong, respond with lots of obscure references. Insist that you are right, and cast other people's argument as faulty, even if you have no evidence. So in the case of Arnie vs Alan Burn, we can imply that Burn stole Arnie's original unreleased masterpieces; or that they are quite different songs which just happen to have the same title; etc etc. And if all else fails, just shake your head as if all around you are fools!
(Not that I would ever do any of the above myself!)

Surfin Again

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Re: Jan and Dean Outside Projects Pre 66
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record stores of Soho and Camden
We must have met there!

What was the name of the Camden store, right by the tube station? I can't remember. It's a long time since, but that was my favourite


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Re: Jan and Dean Outside Projects Pre 66
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Surfin Again thats the way it was, hard yards, bootlegs and fanzines where else could you read an interview with Jans dad. All the mainstream rock/pop books at the time when referencing Jan and Dean would have the same photo, the centre photo of j and d on the ride the wild surf lp, and a short version of how surf city came about
with reference to the ride the wild surf movie/frank sinatra junior kidnapping.
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Re: Jan and Dean Outside Projects Pre 66
« Reply #48 on: March 06, 2014, 12:48:28 PM »
I found this on a blog from a bloke named Country Paul, some sort of collector. Seems to know Don Drowty. Looks like he's got his information from the horses mouth. Although the date for the single is wrong 1962?????.
1Wally what do you think.

> Re:-Aki Aleong, I only have Sherrif/Revells on
> boot (Vol5 of Explosive Doowops-great series)
> original release VeeJay 306, he's credited as a
> Co-writer.... [The] Illustrated Discography of
> Surf Music notes Aki Aleong as a Hawaiian
> entertainer based in Los Angeles. His 'surf'
> entry [is] Mary Ann (Come Surf With Me) Vee Jay
> 520, with an album of the same name by Aki &
> The Nobles.

By coincidence, I was on the phone with Don Drowty
tonight. Don was "Dante" in "Dante & the Evergreens"
("Alley Oop," Madison Records). Our conversation was
wide-ranging and there are some omissions in my notes as
the information was coming thick and fast. Don knew Aki
Aleong (after Sheriff & the Revels) as a prolific
producer as well as recording artist; he also said that
Aleong appeared in a lot of movies as a character actor.
If I got my information straight, Tony Moon, one of the
Evergreens, did a 45 with Aleong as producer called "NaCl
- Sodium Chloride," centering around the singer's vision
of his girlfriend as "salty." Besides Don and Tony, the
other Evergreens were Bill Young and Frank Rosenthal, who
apparently was quite an athlete and played football with
many of the black artists in a lot behind the Apollo in
Harlem when Dante & the Evergreens were one of the few
white acts to play there.

According to Don, Dante & the Evergreens was a
high-school group; they cut Alley Oop first, but it was
covered by the Hollywood Argyles (with Gary "Flip" Paxton,
earlier of Skip & Flip with Clyde Battin) who went to the
same school. (Dante's version, which I always thought
superior, was the bigger hit in New York.)

Don also did a 1962 single on Philips with Dean Torrance
as the "Emerald City Ramblers" called "Full Blown Caddy."
He was also involved with A&M (Herb Alpert is godfather
of one of his children) and with Herb Alpert co-wrote
"Little Miss America," done by the Beach Boys. He reports
that his name was taken off the writer credits on the
Beach Boys' version, but it is shown on a version on
Imperial under the name "Dante & His Friends," a group he
reports as including label owner Lew Chudd and George
McCurn ("I'm Just A Country Boy," A&M, 1962). In addition,
Don did some work with Bert Berns of Bang Records, but we
didn't get into the details of that relationship in this

Also on Madison was a black group that Don grew up with,
the Untouchables (the amazing "Raising Sugar Cane," c.
1961. Ultimately the group changed their name to Africa
and had an album, Music From Li'l Brown" (with cover art
copied from "Music From Big Pink") featuring a gorgeous
progressive/group-harmony single, "Here I Stand," written
by Billy Storm. The LP was released on Ode and the single
later reissued on Epic. The group included Brice Coefield,
lead singer, who recently passed away; Charles Wright,
later of Watts 103rd St Band; and Chester Pipkin, who now
heads the large west coast-based ReJOYce Ministries. I
seem to remember Africa changing their name again later
in the '60's, but I forget to what.

By the way, Madison was owned by Larry Uttal, who was
later the owner of Amy/Bell/Mala, which became Arista.

After many years of teaching school, Don Drowty is now on
the board of directors of a Red Cross regional chapter in
California and Director of the National Red Cross Youth
Choir. I met Don when he was in New York working on the
9/11 rescue effort, and paused to visit the UGHA (United
in Group Harmony Association) September meeting, where he
did "Alley Oop" with a pick-up group of Evergreens
including yours truly singing bass. By the way, there is
now a 25-track retrospective of Dante & The Evergreens
available through Clifton Music and UGHA
(, Any additions,
corrections or clarifications to the above information
are most welcome.

Ted L.: thank you for the Petty Booka info and link I'll
be checking it out in a few minutes! And Don Charles,
your Archies article on the Spectropop website is

Interesting to see the reference to Dora Hall. I had been
told her records were "vanity projects," although I have
one Patsy Cline-flavored 45 on Premore, "Hello Faithless,"
which is quite good.

Bob Conway writes:
> I've always liked Andrew Gold. Are you
> aware that he is/was part of the trio
> Bryndle? The group consists/consisted of
> Andrew Gold, Kenny Edwards and Karla Bonoff.

Yes, indeed - and Kenny Edwards was one of the original
Stone Poneys as well.

Time to get on my own pony and ride.....
Country Paul


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Re: Jan and Dean Outside Projects Pre 66
« Reply #49 on: March 07, 2014, 02:50:35 AM »
Well it looks above board. I've read your Arnie post I see you've been giving Dean a workout. Come on he's on the first version of Jennie Lee. Oh yeah I'll need a Cd quality version of Girl in Zanzibar you can send it to me. YouTube copies are not for me. How did you find The Glens , Cherish My Love.


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Re: Jan and Dean Outside Projects Pre 66
« Reply #50 on: March 07, 2014, 03:07:58 AM »
Wally old boy Dean doesn't need a work out he's already got great doo wop tracks with Dore. Lets give Arnie the recognition he deserves for his efforts. Yeah Ok I'll forward a CD quality version burnt directly from the 45 your way. You won't believe it but I got the information about The Glens record from IMDB page for Don Altfeld. Goes to show sometimes bozo sites can deliver. Hope to see you make a purchase of the Glens 45 for Cherish My Love soon so I can have a CD quality version. You should be able to afford it $200 plus Lol.  Just kidding dude I think the YouTube versions Ok for this one. Until next time give yourself six uppercuts and box out of it. Lol