What Happened to the old board?


Kentucky Surfer:
And will the posts from the old board be archived for reference? 


--- Quote from: Kentucky Surfer on January 04, 2010, 08:35:54 PM ---And will the posts from the old board be archived for reference?

--- End quote ---

The old board is going away. It's remotely hosted, and they basically lock you out of your database, so you can't convert to a new board. They do that in order to keep generating advertising dollars off your board.

There are complicated bots that can grab the data (pretty much illegally) . . . but the process is buggy, and not everything comes through.

We've upgraded to a better, more user-friendly system (SMF) that's now hosted on our own server (as opposed to remote). This gives us control of the database, etc.

The old board will remain around for a while, to steer people to this new forum, but it will eventually be deleted.

We'll rebuild the community here . . . streamlined and more accessible.

Been planning to do this for a while, and with the pending release of Carnival of Sound it's a good time to make the switch.

King Fred II:
Whenever I try to read the old board I end up here (with no possibility to read old posts).


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