Author Topic: "Surf City" song becomes #1 (1963) - 50 years  (Read 8669 times)


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"Surf City" song becomes #1 (1963) - 50 years
« on: July 20, 2013, 06:24:53 AM »
On Saturday, July 20th, 1963 (today - 50 years), the single 'Surf City' / 'She's My Summer Girl' by Jan & Dean becomes the first surf-music song to hit #1 on the US Billboard charts. Everyone is pleased with the success - everyone, that is, except for the group's record company, Capitol, and Murry Wilson. Murry is irate and blasts his son, Brian for giving away a number 1 record, especially to a competitor. According to Brian, he was not going to complete that song and it would have gone to waste. He tried to make a point to his father, that he is a songwriter and songwriters needed other people to sing their songs. He was proud of the fact that another group had had a number 1 song with a track that he had written and that this would give him as a young songwriter, just that much more credibility. Murry Wilson would hear none of it and ordered Brian to stop working with Jan & Dean.