Author Topic: Jan & Dean - "The Little Lady from Pasadena" charted 1964  (Read 8354 times)


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Jan & Dean - "The Little Lady from Pasadena" charted 1964
« on: June 18, 2013, 08:15:45 PM »
The single "The Little Old Lady From Pasadena" by Jan & Dean, was released on June 8th, and charted on June 27, 1964
The song "The Little Old Lady from Pasadena" was written by Don Altfeld, Jan Berry and Roger Christian. The origins of "The Little Lady from Pasadena" stem from a hugely popular ad campaign that the Dodge automobile maker debuted in early 1964.  Starring actress Kathryn Minner, the commercials showed the white haired elderly lady speeding down the street and sometimes a drag strip driving a modified Dodge.  She would stop, look out the window and say "Put a Dodge in your garage, Honey!".  Early in the century, many white couples from the Midwest had moved to the region, especially to Pasadena. The son''s twist was that, unlike the subject of the usual story and joke, this little old lady not only drove the hot car, but also was a peerless street racer.
The song was released on June 8, 1964 and charted June 27, 1964. 
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