1997 — Second Wave - (Jan Berry Solo Album)

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• Get That Girl
(Rob Kuropatwa - Jan Berry)

• Spring Break
(Rob Kuropatwa - Jan Berry)

• The Little Old Lady From Pasadena *
(Jan Berry - Don Altfeld - Roger Christian)

• Love Her Tonight
(Jan Berry - Rob Kuropatwa - Jeff Soloman)

• She's Dancing, Dancing
(Jan Berry - Sandy St. John)

• Honolulu Lulu *
(Jan Berry - Roger Christian - Lou Adler)

• Oh, The Love Inside Me
(Jan Berry - Gertie Berry - Rob Kuropatwa)

• Hawaiian Isles [Hawaiian Mirage]
(Jan Berry - Dave Duncan - Randell Kirsch)

• Dead Man's Curve *
(Jan Berry - Roger Christian - Artie Kornfeld - Brian Wilson)

• So Here I Go Again
(Jan Berry - Gertie  Berry - Rob Kuropatwa - Jeff Soloman)

• Get A Job
(Beal - Edwards - Horton - Lewis)

• Surf City *
(Jan Berry - Brian Wilson)


• Spring Break (alternate mix)
(Rob Kuropatwa - Jan Berry)

• 31 Flavorsฎ, 31 Years (Baskin Robbins Jingle featuring Jan & Dean)
(Rob Kuropatwa - Jan Berry)

* New versions include additional lyrics

Arranged and Produced by Jan Berry

Associate Producer: Rob Kuropatwa

Liner Notes: Gertie Berry and Rob Kuropatwa

Memorial Edition released April 18, 2004

Liner Notes: Mark A. Moore

The Song "Little Old Lady from Pasadena" Reflects Jan Berry's Restored Songwriting Credit, as of January 2002.

although I'm not  big fan of some of the rap stuff on it I think it's a great cd. too bad jan didn't do more solo stuff.I DO wander if he has any stuff in the vaults other than the stuff we know about..if so they need to release a jan berry boxset

Moon Dawg:
 SECOND WAVE is currently selling for $237.78 (new) and $59.99 (used) on Amazon. Maybe a reissue would send the prices down - I'd love to hear Jan's final musical statement.

There was an earlier version we did of Spring Break (which I thought was far superior to the one that was released).  There's other stuff in Jan's solo catalog that exists (as you know), but it's really unclear who owns the rights to those recordings and songs.

There's some really great stuff!  ...And some not so great stuff...  But a good ending note for Jan.


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