1986 Port to Paradise

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Hot Lookin' Lady
(Jan  Berry - William B. Berry - Jim Armstrong - Gary Snyder - Alan Wolfson)

How-How I Love Her
(Jan Berry - Ken Kahn)

Totally Wild
(Jan Berry - Joan Jacobs - Alan Wolfson)

Hawaiian Mirage
(Jan Berry - Dave Duncan - Randell Kirsch)

The Best Love Ever
(Jan Berry - Randell Kirsch - Shawn Bryant - Dallas Taylor)

Ocean Park Angel

Just One of Those Days
(Jan Berry - Cameron Michael Parkes - Shawn Bryant - Dave Duncan)

The National Inquirer
(Jan Berry - Roger Christian - Don Altfeld - Alan Wolfson)

She Sing Sang A Song
(Jan Berry - Jim Pewter - Alan Wolfson)

Tinsel Town
(Jan Berry - Joan Jacobs - Roger Christian)

Contributing Producers: Jan Berry, Alan Wolfson, Jim Pewter, Don Altfeld, and Billy Berry

All songs recorded between the early 1970s and mid-1980s

Largely Jan Berry solo material, with limited vocal participation by Dean Torrence.

This note from Jan accompanied the album:

It's been a challenge and a struggle for me after my accident, to regain self confidence and independence. However, I have come a long way to produce and complete this cassette.

Many special thanks to the following people: My brother, Ken Berry, in assisting me with an office and sound recording equipment. My parents, Bill and Clara Berry for their patience, guidance and support in the musical ambitions that have always been with me throughout my life.


I gotta get this, it was never put out on LP correct? Little old lady was technically their last real album excluding folknroll and meet batman..

Well, you can't exclude those. Little Old Lady was not the last real album. Command Performance is a great live album that Jan produced in the studio-sort of.
Pop Symphony was Jan's bold attempt to interpret rock and roll symphonically 2 years before the Moody Blues did Days of Futures Past album. Folk n Roll includes 6 covers and 6 originals. Some of the songs on that album were Jan's best work like I Found a Girl, Can't Wait to Love You, and It's a Shame to Say Goodbye.
Check out Dean on Yesterday! Batman was a cool concept album and was very original. Filet of Soul was not what Jan and Dean wanted but there are some great live songs that Jan produced with the Wrecking Crew(and Dean of course).
Port to Paradise was a cassette that Jan did in the 80's. He sold me a copy and signed it.

Is there ever a chance for this to come out on CD anytime soon? How does Fun City CD compair to this? I believe it has 9 out of 10 of the songs on this album and 6 more from Jan post accident songs.

EDIT: Here is a link of the album Fun city.
Is Fun CIty worth getting to fill the void of Port to Paradise CD for now?

Moon Dawg:
 Would really like to hear this album. I'm sold on "Ocean Park Angel" already.  It's a shame this record did not get wider distribution in its day.


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