1974 Gotta Take That One Last Ride

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Mark A. Moore:

--- Quote from: Rocker on August 29, 2016, 12:51:14 PM ---So, this album has the original mono mixes? I saw a copy at a second hand store for 10 Euros and was thinking about getting it, especially if it has the mono mixes

--- End quote ---

Yeah, it's mono . . . "Quazi-Moto Monaural," as noted on the packaging and disc labels.

Cool, thank you!
Then I might pick it up

Got it! 10 . One paper sleeve is missing...  :o
But there's also a poster inside which I didn't know before. Anyway, tomorrow I will be able to put it on my turntable. Looking forward to it, as I don't have the mono mixes of some of these songs.

Moon Dawg:
  GOTTA TAKE THAT ONE LAST RIDE is to Jan & Dean as ENDLESS SUMMER is to The Beach Boys.


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