1971 Anthology

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Moon Dawg:
  Kudos to Dean for putting this collection together - it is a model of how a compilation should be assembled. I might have found room for "You Really Know How to Hurt a Guy" or "Batman" but hey that's a minor quibble. *****

yes. There was room for those and I found a Girl. but Deano decided on two BB covers instead. Still a great album though.

I agree--Dean did a really nice job on Anthology.  Since "You Really Know How To Hurt A Guy," "I Found A Girl," and "Batman" were mentioned in the liner notes, I really wanted to find those songs to see what they sounded like--the latter two were tough for me to find in the '80s.  I first heard them when I finally found two original J&D albums--Folk 'n Roll and Golden Hits Vol. 3.

The "two BB covers" JDman mentioned was worthy adds to the album because (if I remember right)  the Beach Boys sang background vocals on them.

I got this on CD today! Great album. Good compilation put together by Dean  8)


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