1971 Anthology

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Jenny Lee (sic)
(Jan Berry - Arnie Ginsburg)

Baby Talk

(Jan Berry - Dean Torrence / Traditional)

Heart & Soul
(Carmichael - Loesser)

(Cason Russell)

Barbara Ann



Surfin' Safari
(Brian Wilson - Mike Love)

Surf City
(Jan Berry - Brian Wilson)

Honolulu Lulu
(Jan Berry - Roger Christian - Lou Adler)

Drag City
(Jan Berry - Roger Christian - Brian Wilson)

Little Deuce Coupe
(Brian Wilson - Roger Christian)

Deadman's Curve (sic)
(Jan Berry - Roger Christian - Artie Kornfeld - Brian Wilson)


The Little Old Lady from Pasadena
(Jan Berry - Don Altfeld - Roger Christian)

The Anaheim, Azusa & Cucamonga Sewing Circle, Book Review & Timing Association
(Jan Berry - Roger Christian - Don Altfeld)

Ride the Wild Surf
(Jan Berry - Roger Christian - Brian Wilson)

Sidewalk Surfin'
(Brian Wilson - Roger Christian)

One Piece Topless Bathing Suit
(Phil Sloan - Steve Barri)

(Cason - Russell)

(Brian Wilson - Van Dyke Parks)


Pigeon Joke

Brass Section Intro

Deadman's Curve (sic)
(Jan Berry - Roger Christian - Artie Kornfeld - Brian Wilson)

Beatle Part of Our Portion

Rhythm Section Intro

(Lennon - McCartney)

Whistling Dixie

Thank You Dean

Hide Your Love Away
(Lennon - McCartney)

Let's Hang On, Might as Well
(Crewe - Randall - Linver)

Hang On Sloopy (My Girl Sloopy)
(Russell - Farrell)

SIDE FOUR represents a sampling Jan & Dean's original concept for the Filet of Soul LP (1966)

Compilation Produced by Dean Torrence

All songs arranged and produced by Jan Berry, except:

"Jenny Lee" Produced by Joe Lubin

"Baby Talk" Produced by Lou Adler and Herb  Alpert

"Clementine" Produced by Lou Adler and Herb  Alpert

"Heart & Soul" Produced by Lou Adler

"Tennessee" Produced by Snuff Garrett and Lou Adler

"Barbara Ann" Produced by Lou Adler

"Vegetables" Produced by Dean Torrence

Art Direction: Norman Seeff

Album Design: Dean Torrence

Liner Notes: Dave Marsh & Dean Torrence

Scrapbook Photos: Compiled by Natalie Torrence

Logos: Kittyhawk Graphics

Legendary Masters Series Volume 3

The Song "Little Old Lady from Pasadena" Reflects Jan Berry's Restored Songwriting Credit, as of January 2002.

Mark A. Moore:
This was the first major post-accident compilation of Jan & Dean material . . . compiled and designed by Dean Torrence.

Dave Marsh's liner notes are legendary . . . and he was only 21 years old when he wrote them.

It was a kick for me to be a guest on Marsh's Sirius-XM radio program in New York City (September 2009).

Marsh took me, the producer, and engineer to lunch . . . and we had a great time talking and spinning J&D tracks on the program.

I didn't realize Dave Marsh was so young when he wrote that piece.  He really had a good grasp of what Jan & Dean were about, I thought. 

When I first heard this album in the mid '80s I was wowed--I first heard the original versions of Drag City, New Girl in School, Linda, and Dead Man's Curve on this one.  Also heard Popsicle and Vegetables for the very first time via this collection.  And Side Four was a real treat; hearing a live Jan & Dean show before the accident--at the time, the only other live performance I'd heard was on their 1981 One Summer Night/Live album.

Mark A. Moore:
I first heard the original stuff on an EMI re-issue called Deadman's Curve, from '79 which capitalized on the movie.

Anthology was re-issued shortly thereafter. I can remember getting Anthology in '82 (or thereabouts) , in its original form, showing a copyright date of 1971 (original release date).

Oh, yes, I remember that album--that was the one with the red and yellow cover with the then-new concert photos of Jan & Dean on the front cover. I remember seeing it in stores when I was about 13 or 14, but they never seemed to have it in stock when I had the money to buy it, so I missed out on that one!

Speaking of Dave Marsh, I remember my mother having a book which talked about a "rock tour" that Marsh was on with Stephen King and Dave Barry--they called themselves the "Rock-Bottom Remainders."  It's hilarious!


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