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1968 Carnival of Sound - (Unreleased)
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Fan Tan
(Jan Berry - Jill Gibson - Don Altfeld)

(Jan Berry - Jill Gibson)

Love & Hate *
(Jan Berry - Jill Gibson - Jan Hirsch)

Carnival of Sound
(Jan Berry - Roger Christian - David Weiss)

Laurel & Hardy +
(Jan Berry - Roger Christian)

I Know My Mind
(Jan Berry - Roger Christian)

Blowin' My Mind
(Jan Berry - Paul Freese - Steve Gains)

(Jan Berry - Roger Christian)

In the Still of the Night ^
(Fred Paris)

(Maurice Williams)

Louisiana Man
(Doug Kershaw)

Only A Boy *
(Jan Berry - Fred Wieder - Don Altfeld)

Arranged and Produced by Jan Berry (with assistance)

Vocals for Jan Berry's Carnival of Sound era sessions (1967-1968) were provided by session singers and friends (including Ron Hicklin, Tom Bahler, Davy Jones, Glen Campbell, and others)

* Alternate acetate features "Love & Hate" and "Only A Boy" (the latter being the only track to feature Jan Berry's pre-accident lead vocals).

+ One demo version of "Laurel & Hardy" features Davy Jones on vocals

^ Davy Jones provides the spoken interlude on "In the Still of the Night."

Album would have been issued as Jan & Dean

Other songs, and fragments of songs, were also worked on by Jan Berry during the 1967-1968 period