1966-67 Save For A Rainy Day




SAVE FOR A RAINY DAY J&D RECORD CO., JD-101 (Monaural) (November)

Yellow Balloon
(Zekley - St. John - Lee)

Here Comes the Rain
(Nat Ormsby [Dean Torrence])

Lullaby in the Rain (California Lullaby) *
(Nat Ormsby [Dean Torrence])

Pocket Full of Rainbows
(Weisman - Wise)

When Sunny Gets Blue
(Segal - Fisher)

Like A Summer Rain
(Zekley - Dean)


Rain on the Roof

Cryin' in the Rain
(Greenfield - King)

Taste of Rain
(Nat Ormsby [Dean Torrence])

Save For A Rainy Day Theme

Produced by Dean Torrence

Issued as Jan & Dean

* Release of the Columbia Records version (CL-2661/CS-9461), with addition of "Lullaby in the Rain" (March 1967) was cancelled. At least three copies of the English pressing are known to exist.

Ban n Bean:
How about the stereo Japanese pressing on CBS (the one with Ken Berry on the cover)?

How many of those exist?

Surf Route 101:
Anyone know how many copies of the 1966 J & D Records pressing exist? I've heard they pressed about 30,000.

Moon Dawg:
  True cult classic, this.


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