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P F Sloan interview
« on: April 13, 2011, 07:58:39 PM »
The P F Sloan interview on the Bob Morgan show was great! Sloan has a lot of respect for Jan. The confusing thing about the interview was when Sloan said the Matadors broke up after Linda and he said he was on Drag City. On the tribute CD, I listened to track 28 today, Jan jokes with Tony from the Matadors. They were recording the New Girl in School. I assume that was after Drag City. Anyway, do you think PF Sloan is confusing himself or his memory may be a little fuzzy?


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Re: P F Sloan interview
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2011, 09:26:23 PM »

Well . . . let's not forget that Tony, Vic, and Manny (The Matadors) are credited for vocals  on the back of the Surf City album in mid-'63 . . . which came out after the "Linda" single. Recording for "Linda" began in late '62, and it was released in January of '63.

So yes . . . Phil was a bit off on his timeline. It was a long time ago.

However . . . It's at least possible that Phil and Steve Barri could have started contributing harmonies as early as the Drag City LP . . . the album that came out between Surf City and Dead Man's Curve.

What we know for sure is that the Dead Man's Curve album represents a documentable transition from the Matadors to Sloan and Barri. They're all on that album. The Matadors are on "New Girl In School" . . . and Sloan sings the falsetto lead on "Hey Little Freshman." Sloan and Barri also sing harmonies on that album, and it was the FIRST album to credit Sloan and Barri by name on the rear cover.

But that doesn't mean there necessarily has to be a total concrete dividing line between those two albums.

Sloan can speak in detail about Jan, and I've quoted him most recently in my new liner notes for Capitol. I've interviewed Steve Barri, as well . . . and I can tell you that Steve also has a ton of respect for Jan Berry.
Artie Kornfeld can also speak in detail about Jan as a writer and producer . . . See my new Drag City liners (Capitol Records) for evidence . . . It's a shame that the radio intwerview plan with Artie went awry. It happens sometimes, but we'll make that up at some point. When Artie gets going about Jan, it's very entertaining :)