Author Topic: Jan & Dean's comedy and humor boxed in  (Read 3173 times)


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Jan & Dean's comedy and humor boxed in
« on: February 16, 2011, 06:32:09 PM »
( This quotation taken from a previous thread entitled " Who else is kind of "Creeped out" by Filet of Soul (official version) " )

I agree Mary. I hope they do release the original Filet of Soul. Dean would be perfect for the liner notes. Maybe they can release a 2 CD set of Jan & Dean humor. Batman, Filet of Soul, and all the other humor songs like Submarine Races and Schlock Rod. That would be an entertaining album, for sure.
It looks like we are not alone.

In this interview:
David Beard says, in answer to question # 8, that he would love a one-of-a-kind collection encompassing their comedy and hits

* Do not forget to order the DVD interview with Dean by David Beard at:
Just scroll down about half way to December 3, 2008....Volume II
Dean talks about so many funny things of him and Jan....and one of my favorite parts, is when he tells of his and Jan's excitement for "Louisianna Man"
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