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...now i know Mark has pointed us towards many special happenings...and so perhaps I am repeating something we've already been directed to.  Just in case it was missed....there's a very cool interview from, i thnk it was, last spring:

(you can listen to it even)...


My favorite part...is when Dean says what his favorite part is/was of TAMI...
it's near the end of the interview.  I won't spoil it....but if no one comments on this or seems to be listening...i will modify this post and put the answer up in the future.

Question:  Does this video have ALL the Jan & Dean inbetween spots where they goof off?  Thanks.

This is the best quality of the TAMI show you'll get.  However, I think it is heavily edited for the movie theaters.  I recall a radio interview nearly 40 years ago with someone who was supposedly at the actual TAMI show.  They said there were tons of glitches and each time J&D would have to come out and do some sort of shctick to keep the crowd happy while cameras/bands got re-set.  Is this ture or folklore?  Who knows?


This dvd may be the "best quality"....which is excellent...however...

Does it have all the goofying around i've seen on bad copies....or are their in between pieces cut out?  Thank you.

( Sorry...for seeming like I disregard what you commented on already about  Jan and Dean coming out and doing their comedy between acts....i'm sure it's very possible they did do more than I've ever seen....it's just I know that there are poor quality copies of some of those things...and i am hoping that at least all of those (which definitely exist) are on this version. )  (because as for the other acts...except the Beach Boys...i am not that interested ) 

(Dean actually had a great portion of this on the trip to China video too--at least the parts with him and Jan)

Well...i went ahead and ordered it. 

By the way, Dean's "absolutely" favorite part:  all the fun they had being filmed in the title section.... on the go-carts, motorcycles and skateboards!!

Listen:  http://webtalkradio.net/2010/04/19/the-pop-culture-road-trip-%E2%80%93-hotels-and-rock-and-roll/ 

It's come....and i am very glad i ordered it. 

I guess it has everything i've seen...tho never as crisp and clear as this.  I knew it would be such fantastic quality... that's why i couldn't resist.  It's so cool to watch on a large tv in this wide screen format. 

It's also neat listening to Mr. Binder's comments.  Have you all discussed the comments here?

Anyway...it is worth getting...that's for sure.... love it alot. 

PS....i found this picture in KRLA Beat too...they said I can share...she said she is a fan too!  http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=5597552&l=48f955c3e6&id=705094132


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