Author Topic: Dean on the carinval of sound  (Read 9350 times)


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Dean on the carinval of sound
« on: September 01, 2010, 05:35:01 AM »
I wonder what deans version would be on the carnival of sound,if a biography came out,

Would we hear stuff that we haven t heard about??


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Re: Dean on the carinval of sound
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2010, 10:38:13 PM » least Dean has provided his take, partially, in the message (oh so special).   I love the picture there too.  (I think that must be 1965, however.)

I haven't even listened to it yet...I just keep going over the sure causes me alot of feelings. 

(pause)....a LOT of feelings

But on the lighter side, as it says.....How Dean put  " NAJ & Dean "  on the label at Jan's direction...that is soooo cute!  Then we see " J & D " together....very eye catching!  I thought Dean was the designer!!  (no loss of IQ here, folks...the "establishment's" tests must be quite fallible)


And then the Endless Sky dvd came right after.

How special that is!  Dean....just sitting there...sharing his i hope there's more to come. 

And...the sweet collection of Jan & Dean pictures being shared as "California Lullaby" plays....i saw a review of "Save For A Rainy Day" just the night before this divd came....and the person commented "It's impossible not to think that that song was meant for Jan" 

(also love the interviews with David, Gary and Phil in the dvd...would haved loved hearing more on their experiences with Jan and Dean...well, i haven't finished Gary's part yet....supper called)

oh.....i miss Jan

Thank you to all those who bring this valuable "priceless" rather, material to us.  I know it's quite a collaboration.  God bless you