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Salzburg Surf Scene:
Even the BBC are in on it. No mention of J&D in the report, but get to see them. No such thing as bad publicity... And they do make the point that 7 of the performers are in the RnR Hall of Fame. Should be 8, at least!

Legendary T.A.M.I. Show concert gets DVD release:
BBC News - :egendary T.A.M.I. Show concert gets DVD release

David Beard:
It shows them and plays "(Here The Come) From All Over the World," could have been worse.

Check out this link http://www.esquarterly.com/latest_news.html

some folks are complaining about J & D's vocals over on  a couple of BB boards--

--I think the guys sound terrfic, genuinely live (ok, so a few flaws...makes it real). Phil Sloan or Steve Barri have trouble with highest notes at the end but otherwise, great to see two full songs in full flow. Plus the guys are genuinely witty (scripted, I know) as their delivery and body language shows good comedy timing.
Fabulous film, well woth importing.

Anyone know who the petite ponytail blonde dancer is (sticks out her tongue impishly during Gaye's 'Hitch Hike' ???).

Mark--saw what you said on Smiley Smile .net----  nonchalant is right, but fun though.

 Any word on whether the FULL San Diego live stuff will ever come out  (on CD or on film/DVD) ???

I really feel it is a missing link in their output(altho' Command Performance is v.g. , still th egenuine live 'buzz' of the Wrecking Crew Montage is infectious.....and seems to sum up J & D. so well.

Mark, it seems like you are apologizing for J&D's performance on TAMI. I don't think that's necessary. They did what they had to do. The show was great, and Jan & Dean did nothing to make it bad. Dean was skateboarding around, they sang two of their big hits, the crowd seemed to like it, it wasn't that bad!! Like I've said before, Smokey's vocals were worst than Dean's, but nobody's talking about that because he's Smokey Robinson.
Jan & Dean were a major part of the biggest Rock and Roll event in the first 10 years of rock and roll.One of the biggest ever. I don't think you have to apologize for J&D. It makes them look worse than they were.


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