1964 Liberty

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Ok thank you for clearing that up for me! Some reason I thought that single was Jan & Dean's not just produced by Jan Berry. So no Jan & Dean name on it at all?

No Jan & Dean name on the single, but it was included on Jan & Dean's Little Old Lady Album

Is the version on The Little Old Lady From Pasadina the same version of those two song on the singles then or does Jan and dean contribute then?

As far as I know, Move Out Little Mustang is the same version on the Little Old Lady Album. It is included as a Jan Berry production.
I'm pretty sure that this song is the only song with vocals that neither Jan or Dean sing on before 1966.

"Restored credit as of 2002" what does that mean? Same with the error of which songs Jan co.wrote on the Deadmans Curve/new girl in school album...the site says ten but the orig record says four and that includes the reissued single.


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