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This is cool. Fast forward to about 3:50


Mark A. Moore:
Tom Hanks is almost 10 years older than I am. So, he was a senior in high school in 1974. A pivotal time for him to be listening to Jan & Dean. The Anthology LP had been released in late ‘71, followed in ’74 by Gotta Take that One Last Ride. Jan Berry’s solo career on the Ode label (and later A&M) was in full swing. And Paul Morantz’s Rolling Stone article on Jan Berry was published in September of ’74. Tom Hanks, at 18, was the perfect age to absorb all of that, which led to the Jan & Dean film Deadman’s Curve in 1978, and the beginning of the duo’s tour reunion in ’79.

Absolutely, Tom Hanks probably remembered Jan and Dean a little from his childhood. So it makes sense that he would buy Anthology and Gotta Take that One Last Ride amongst others during his high school days.

Like Tom Hanks, I was also a senior in high school in 1974. Although I was a big J&D fan as a kid and in the ‘70’s, I only had two of their records at the time; Command Performance and Surf City on 45. In 1972, I found the Anthology album and learned a lot by reading the booklet included with the record. In the Summer of ‘75, I found the 8 track Gotta Take That One Last Ride and then the album. I played that tape and album constantly. It’s still a great collection to this day.

Good stuff Surferbee. I was a child in the 70s and discovered Jan and Dean from the movie. I bought Anthology and then a bunch more. It seems like Anthology should have charted. A lot of people bought that one. I knew several people that had it before I met them. Anyway. Thanks for sharing


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