Author Topic: Jan's thoughts on the 1971 Anthology Album and and Gotta Take One Last Ride LP?  (Read 578 times)


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Hey so I've been wondering what Jan's opinions were on the Anthology Album from 1971 and the Gotta Take That One Last Ride album from 1974? Was he consulted at all on track selection? I think Anthology is a nice overview though I think it kinda stinks that "You Really Know How to Hurt a Guy" and "I Found a Girl" are nowhere to be found, likely due to being too substantial for Dean, who for some reason I guess didn't like Jan moving further outside of the expected "Jan & Dean" sound perhaps?

And Gotta Take That One Last Ride just strikes me as a real oddity? Since it came out in 1974, is it possible it came out after The Beach Boys beloved Endless Summer album? It would kinda make sense to me if that were the case, with the track listing looking like it's a Jan and Dean "summer fun" album. Also, it is super odd that "Vegetables" is on both of the aforementioned albums. I kinda get why it's on Anthology cuz it showed with Dean had been up to (and also made for a chance to release the version of "Vegetables" with Brian Wilson and Spring), but why did it appear again on Gotta Take That One Last Ride? Odd.

Anyways, anybody know anything about all these albums? I'd love to hear if so. Thank you!


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I bought Anthology in 1972, a year after its release. Always liked the song selection and the booklet. Thatís when I first learned a lot about Jan & Dean. Also hearing many songs for the first time. The only other album I owned at the time was Command Performance. In 1975, I bought Gotta Take That One Last Ride on 8 track! And soon after, the double album. I played that tape in my van constantly. Especially when going to the beach for some surfing. I thought it had many great songs, most that I never heard before. Not sure what Jan thought of both of them. Maybe itís in one of the two books by Mark A Moore.