Jan's Condition after the accident


Hello peoples,

I just listened to the Steve Barri thing on xm radio. I did enjoy the content. He covered some good topics, Of course he mentioned Jan & Dean but no plays during the hour. Here's my question to you hardcore fans. And i admit i ponder a lot while i'm driving and such.. I HONESTLY believe LOU ADLER was responsible for what went on after the accident. Sure if a hit came out of Jan's recovery that would be a Grand Slam so to speak but in reality of the situation He (LOU) believed Jan in the studio at this time was PURELY THERAPUTIC. Like a big brother watching his younger now handicapped brother try and get back on the horse. In his heart he knew the act was over. I love Jan & Dean. I'm not trying to cut short that some people didnt believe Jan had something left but I do believe everything went through LOU. They had absolutely NO( WARNER BROTHERS ) label push whatsoever. It kept Jan somewhat busy and kept him reaching for the stars. What do you guys think??? AS the world as we know crumbles be kind to each other. God bless. Burton

About Jan condition , best people to ask  would be Jill Gibson, and the people around the studio at the time,

About the Warner bro release , it didn't help that radio station , were asked not to play only a boy.
Hawaii to me is the most senseable release , and put  there time in promoting it,
to me they made Jan look bad, warner brothers could have played love and hate, hardcore fans can hear Jan on the recording
Tijuana would be a great b side ,
It's a great album

Thinking the other day, about the crash, I don't have the layout of the route Jan took that day,
Did he drive round a blind bend?


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