Jan's '70s and '80s tunes and a question about the 1975 "Sidewalk Surfin'"

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Hey so, anybody know if there's any chance Jan's '70s and '80s material may ever get a wider release? Like something a bit fancier than that Fun City from a few years ago? I mean, I'm glad it exists, but you can hear the vinyl crackling at some points and whatnot. It'd be cool if they could remaster the original tapes if they still exist.

Secondly, is the 1975 version of "Sidewalk Surfin'" that was spearheaded by Dean (but released as Jan & Dean) available digitally anywhere? Either download or CD? Cuz I feel like that one has fallen through the cracks. In fact, I'm not sure if I ever heard of it, or it's b-side, "Gonna Hustle You." Is it the same version of "Gonna Hustle You" as the version by the Legendary Masked Surfers?

One can easily find the original Jan & Dean version, which is good. You can also find the Silver Summer version pretty easily, while its pretty hard to find Jan's "Skateboard Surfin' U.S.A." is a bit harder to find through non bootleg means, besides the aforementioned Fun City compilation and of course the original single.

A few years ago, i done a similar post to this, I did read that lou adler ,gave Jan the song he recorded in the 70-80 and he was gonna get them cleaned up, for a general release,

I'd like to hear the magic of making love, mother earth, its well over due, Deans got his Anthology,so why not Jan.

I absolutely agree that the material from this era totally deserves more quality and detailed package. 'Fun City' is pretty good, but like you mention, it seems like many, if not all the tracks, are rips from vinyl or casette and not the original master tapes.

That material definitely cries for a good remastering too, as well as Second Wave. That album particulary is well produced, but suffers from poor mastering. I recall the co-producer also admitting that on this board a few years ago.

The Filet of Soul 2017 release made me very excited that there'd be more cool J&D releases in the pipeline. In my opinion they deserve a boxset with all of their recorded material (both together and solo, including re-record and live versions) from everything from 58-onwards. Original mono (when available) mixes, paired with new stereo remixes. All of the odds, ends, outtakes, and alternates found in the "Collectors Series" we all cherish, Dean's somewhat recent recordings with the Bamboo Trading Company, and anything else that still sits in the vaults.

The Beach Boys just got their 'Feel Flows' boxset which did wonders for the band and the brand, so I think there would definetely be an appetite out there for a detailed, meticulously assembled, career spanning J&D release.

Hello folks,
Its been awhile. I agree with everyone here, we all would love to hear this material from this time period. all shined up and sounding pretty. Hate 2 be the party pooper but in all honesty it will probably never happen. The base is gone for Jan & Dean music. I just turned 50. The base is dying everyday. History got skewered with Brian Wilson getting all the credit of writing the boys material. And dean like Mike Love tried so hard over the years to make himself more important than he actually was it really knocked Jan down for getting the respect he deserved. THE dean REMAKES really fucked Jan over in my opinion. Most of them SUCK. I know dean is a great guy and he was there for all of the ups and downs. Took care of Jan through faze 2. THERE IS NO WAY ANY RECORD COMPANY WOULD MAKE MONEY OFF THIS PROJECT. I'm not trying to be a dick, Lou Adler and Dean don't care about Jan's legacy any longer. It was good while it lasted. the only way we might get some interest in the dynamic duo again is if a mainstream movie during the intro or sometime during the movie played the first few bars of LITTLE OLD LADY FROM PASADENA.. why because Brian has nothing to do with that record. Had it not fought the other Jan & Dean singles on the chart at the time it could've been another number 1 and should've been. Or if one of us hits the powerball and buys up the masters for release. Were talking maybe 5 to 15k fans world wide now if were lucky. Anyway fellows good post. Just my 2 cents. not worth a penny. lets be real. god bless.

Iím not so sure how much ďFeel FlowsĒ did for The Beach Boys. I donít think thereís a lot of excitement around them anymore. Burton. You make a good point. People are moving past all that stuff. A movie featuring LOLFP would be great. There are other songs too. Even though Brianís name is on some of them. I think Dead Manís Curve would still get respect from a production stand point. Itís funny. The video I posted with Brian getting interviewed in 1964. He says he wrote all of Jan and Deans recent hits. Which was disappointing. But when he was listing the Beach Boy hits. She said LOLFP. He said thatís Jan and Dean. And she completely ignored that and mentioned it 2 more times. Almost like LOLFP was the only song she knew and he didnít write that one. Lol. He was getting aggravated.
Markís recent books will help set the record straight. A lot of people may not care anymore. But I do. Iím continuously getting amazed at Janís productions. Arrangements. And compositions. Even if most of the world doesnít care about it. I always will


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