Surf City - Live Murray The K


Can anyone tell me where the recording that starts at 2:30 mins. comes from? I hadn't heard it before. Is ther more?

Somehow I have never heard that version. It is great. The notes suggest an album: Night of the Proms: Rock & Roll Concert (Live) but I can't find any reference to that. I'll go back and check Mark's book but in the meantime any info would be great.

Interesting! So it's this release:

Unfortunately that gives us no more info about the recording or if there is more.

There is also a release with a recording from Phase II:

Great that the album exists but the cover gives nothing away. Has anyone tried to buy it? Can we stream it? Was there a video? etc etc

Murray The K. at the Brooklyn Fox

J&D perform "Linda" (it seems this is sung to the studio recording)


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