Author Topic: STEREO VS. MONO, TRACK LISTING  (Read 8208 times)


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« on: March 08, 2010, 12:19:07 PM »
First of all, kudos to all involved.  This is a truly spectacular package.  And Andrew was right... with one exception, the track order actually works very well.  In terms of the balance, flow, open and close, this album, in cinematic arc terms, feels very much like a Jan & Dean album... like a Folk & Roll or Little Old Lady or a Deadman's Curve... like DMC, it even has two theme sides... the psychadelic side and the oldies side.  Again, it all as a strong Jan Berry feel to it.
Personally, I prefer an assembly using the stereo mixes (exception being Laurel & Hardy and Only A Boy) because those mixes sound huge and spectacular, with that big Jan Berry/wrecking crew sound (double drums, crisp high hat, churning guitars and brass... Girl, Fan Tan, Love & Hate, Hawaii, Louisiana Man all sound like the big production epics like Drag City, Ride The Wild Surf, Anaheim, Freeway Flyer, etc.  Further, you get to hear amazing extras like the extended ending of I Know My Mind (which was such an aural delight and surprise after hearing bootlegs of this for years... it's like having listened to just the verse and chorus of Wouldn't It Be Nice for 35 years, only to now finally hear how it was supposed to end)... and the extended humorous ending on Mulholland, which reminded me of Filet of Soul, just a bit.... and the background vocals on Girl which seem to be lost on the mono mix.  And Hawaii, in crisp stereo, now ranks right up there with Ride The Wild Surf as a surfing epic.  Only a Boy was also a surprise...  the cymbal hits during the gunfire verse I'd never heard before.   So my in car CD contains the stereo mixes with Andrew's track order for side two... I changed side one a little bit... that extended comedy bit on Mulholland plays great as a side ender (and lead in to side two's Tijuana opener.
So at the risk of being a bit too much of "little minds at work" which is what film producer Sam Arkoff once called these fanboy exercises, here's my cut, for better or worse.  It flows real well for me.
FAN TAN                                                     HAWAII
CARNIVAL OF SOUND                                 LOUISIANA MAN
LAUREL & HARDY                                        STAY
I KNOW MY MIND                                       ONLY A BOY
LOVE & HATE                                             IN THE STILL OF THE NIGHT
MULHOLLAND                                            YAKETY YAK

Again, this record sounds like the natural next step after FOLK & ROLL, BATMAN & FILET OF SOUL... a return to classic surft/hit style (the classic Jan & Dean sound) with strong melodies and breathtaking production with a funny, eclectic choice of covers, all flavored by the changes in music that hit in 66, 67 & 68.  Hearing it cleaned up and restored really ties it in with the earlier records.

My lengthy two cents....