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Jan's Corvette Sting Rays
« on: September 26, 2017, 08:31:51 AM »
I'd like to clear up something in Marks book about Jan's 1966 Corvette (hope we have some 'vette fans out there). All the options (or accessories) , and there were quite a few,were indicated except engine type. Since it was not specified, it was the base 327-300 horsepower that came with no extra charge. Dean's was the larger optioned 427 engine (L72), most likely 425 HP. There was a milder 427 (L36) with 390 HP. As for the picture of Jan's car, I can see the ignition  shielding just in front of the air cleaner (also close by is the dipstick for the Powerglide). That type or shape of shielding belongs to the 300HP engine. Shielding came with cars if you ordered a radio. It eliminated ignition interference (static). As far as Jan's 1963 Corvette, a heater is listed as an option (accessorie). The last time that was an option ( a cost of $102.25) was in the 1961 model. 1963 did have a heater delete , option C48, and a $100 credit. Otherwise, all 1963's came with a heater at no charge. I don't mean to bore anyone with this info, but I do love these cars. I still have my 1966 Sting Ray that I've owned for 32 years and enjoy driving it to car shows, not to mention my JANNDEAN plates!

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Re: Jan's Corvette Sting Rays
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2017, 11:26:19 PM »
Corvette enthusiasts have shown interest in Jan's cars over the years.

Jerry Bramlett and one of the Corvette societies helped me run the VIN number for Jan's demolished '66 'Vette to see if the frame was still in circulation. It was not, which was consistent with the documentation I have indicating the car was sold for scrap in the fall of '66.

And of course Jim Blanchard has owned Jan's 1958 Corvette since 1963. He published an article about it and has displayed the car in multiple shows over the years.