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According to the Book by mark passmore Lou Adler gave jan the originals to his songs from the 70s,which does include Alternate versions of his songs and also unreleased songs,I wonder if Natural High is on the list and flight No9,

Theses songs were gonna be Remastered and have the tapes cleaned and have them released on the  jan berry Anthology Album,i wonder if lou adler will now clean these tapes up and get them released for a future Jan berry release

I would say for sure if this was released that all these songs would be on there,maybe in this order of the year or recorded/released


 Tomorrow Teardrops 1961 under jan barry
 My midnight summernight dream 1961 Under jan barry
 The universal coward 1965
 Blue moon shuffle 1972
 Mother earth,1972
 Magic of making love,????(maybe 1971-72)
 Don t you jusy know it(duet with brian wilson)1973
 Blow up music 1974
 Totally wild 1975
 Sing sang a song 1976
 Sidewalk surfin USA,1978
 little queenie 1977
 Thats the way it is 1977
 How how i love her 1978
 Hide your love away (late 70s version)
 Rock city 1984
 Its gotta be true 1984,
 Just one of those days, *
 Hot looking lady,            *
 Hawallian mirage  this version not hawallian isles on the second wave which is a different mix) *
 The best love ever *
* is songs recorded in 1980s

Bonus tracks
Fun city,Ocean park angel (jan and dean single in 1970s)

Plus Alternate version and Unreleased songs,
Diane on my mind,your sweet sweet love, two very similar songs but would love to hear a version with words,An acoustic version of hot looking lady called hot cookie,rare stuff of jans work

Cover design by dean,and Lou adler to do the notes and a brief inside about the songs jan recorded during this time,

The only reason i didn t add any second wave songs on this list is that its been released as a cd already and the fans would wanna hear something new,plus some songs have different mixes on second wave,

Plz feel free to add extra tracks to this remember the bonus on cd1 are jan and dean the rest is jan berry and lets have some fun and hope a major label reads this post,

As an anthology it would have to be a 2 cd package,i would love to hear the unreased track which lou adler mentions

Now i wonder if this would ever happen

So, are there any plans to compile an official Jan Berry Anthology? If the Berry family owns the masters (as I presume they do if Lou Adler gave them to Jan) then I presume there are no legal obstacles.

Last year's K-Tel disc had (shall we say) variable sound quality-  and for some reason missed out Mother Earth. So I am not really counting that, even though it was good to finally have the on it tracks available. There were some I hadn't heard before (including the different arrangement of Ocean Park Angel).

Perhaps I should have posted this in the other thread about what we would like to see released next :)

I m trying to contact ken berry to find out if theres anything the berry family know of a jan berry anthology,i ve trid contacting lou adler but not having much luck,

I was hoping the record label of jans second wave would buy the tapes and give this album a release,unless A & M release it,i m not 100% sure but i think A & M may have been sold,

lets hop one of the record labels i e "sundazed" or "one way" or one of the labels which have released cd in the 1990-present

If anyone can help me with contacting Lou or the Berry family you can email me privately via this board,

This would be an amazing release and is about time. It would stand well alongside the Dean Torrence Anthology. And would finally be a recognition of Jan's hard work after the accident.

Assuming that this ever happens, it would be neat if the Jan Anthology stood alongside Dean's graphically as well.

Which it could, because Dean reused and retouched part of the Norman Seef photo originally used on Silver Summer for the front of his cd. So he could reuse and retouch the other half of the photo for Jan's cd cover.

Or maybe he was thinking ahead when he designed the cover of his Anthology cd, and this was his intention all along :)


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