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Jan Berry1561 viewsJan on the phone at Occidental Avenue, July 1964. The painting above the bed is one of Jill's original artworks. Jan's own artwork can be seen on the wall beside the bed—a portrait of Jill drawn by Jan himself. Jan also excelled at drawing intricate diagrams of cells and other biological entities in medical school. © JILL GIBSON. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Jan and Gertie1559 viewsJan and Gertie. © BERRY FAMILY.
Jan1556 viewsJan Berry, Halloween 1990. Gertie still has the mask Jan is holding. © BERRY FAMILY.
Jan Berry1544 viewsIn the studio, 1964. (c) Jill Gibson.
Jan Berry1541 views
Jan and Gertie's Wedding1530 viewsJan and Gertie were married in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1991. © BERRY FAMILY.
Pop Symphony Score - Partial, "Little Old Lady"1528 viewsPOP SYMPHONY — "Little Old Lady" — April 1965. Courtesy of Jan Berry's private collection. From a portion of Jan's original hand-written score: Bars 37-40 of 115; Page 10 of 30; Staff for Woodwinds: flute, oboe, and two clarinets;
Staff for Brass: horn (2), trumpet (2), and trombone (1)
Jan Berry1527 viewsJan on the beach in Hawaii. © JILL GIBSON. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Jan Berry1523 viewsJan outside the Occidental apartment he shared with Jill, Don Altfeld, Vic Amira, and Artie Kornfeld. Ca. 1963-64. © JILL GIBSON. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Mom and Stevie1521 viewsClara Berry with Stevie Berry, circa 1970. SPECIAL THANKS TO ALETA BERRY and JEANETTE ANDERSEN. © BERRY FAMILY.
Jan1517 viewsJan Berry in the studio with Gertie, ca. December 1990. © BERRY FAMILY.
Jan Berry1506 viewsIn the studio with engineer Bones Howe
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