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Jan Berry1940 viewsDuring his interview for A&E's "Biography" - 2002.
Jan and Gertie1916 viewsJan and Gertie ... a happy new couple. © BERRY FAMILY.
Train Accident1912 viewsLocation set, Chatsworth, California — Jan & Dean's feature film, "Easy Come, Easy Go," August 1965.
Jan and Hal1909 viewsJan Berry and Hal Blaine, circa 1967. During the "Carnival of Sound" era. Courtesy of David Beard.
Jan Berry and Brian Wilson1878 viewsAt a Capitol Records party, 1965. First published in "Dumb Angel #4" in 2005. (c) Capitol Records.
Jan Berry in the Studio1859 viewsFrom the packaging for "Carnival of Sound" (Rhino Handmade 2010). Dean Torrence personal collection. All rights reserved.
Jan Berry and Jill Gibson1824 viewsJan and Jill beam with Jill's one-week-old niece in March 1964. The single "Dead Man's Curve" had just been released the previous month. © JILL GIBSON. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Jan Berry1821 viewsJan Berry in his element . . . with Mod girls, ca. 1967-68. Previously unpublished. (Used for the liner notes of "Carnival of Sound"). (c) Berry Family.
Jan Berry and Lanky Linstrot1813 viewsJan presents recording engineer Hal "Lanky" Linstrot with a record plaque: "To Lank: It would've been impossible without you . . . Most sincere thanks. Jan, Dean, and Lou [Adler]." Billboard, August 31, 1963.
Jan Berry1812 viewsJan Berry (left) in the studio with Lou Adler.
Jan Berry1795 viewsCirca 1967=68.
"Girl, You're Blowin' My Mind" - Original Music Chart1793 viewsHorn chart for 'Blowin My Mind' (partial), copied by Roger Farris from Jan Berry's original music score. Track from "Carnival of Sound."
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