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The Matadors716 viewsTony Minichiello (right), Vic Diaz (left), and Manuel Sanchez (center). Harmony singers for Jan & Dean, 1963-64. Jan Berry arranged and produced the Matadors' singles for Colpix Records. Tony and Vic were schoolmates of Jan's at University High.
Roger Christian902 viewsKFWB disc jockey Roger Christian had a long tenure with Jan Berry as a songwriting partner. Roger contributed lyrics to some of Jan & Dean's biggest hits. He also narrated the "Jan & Dean Meet Batman" LP in 1966. From 1963 through "Carnival of Sound" in 1968, and into the early 1970s, Jan and Roger were good friends and collaborators.
Lou Adler752 viewsLou Adler (originally in partnership with Herb Alpert) was Jan & Dean's first producer, 1959-1962. (Jan Berry was the arranger and producer from 1963 to 1966). Lou was also their manager. When Lou founded Dunhill with Bobby Roberts and Pierre Cossette, Bobby took the lead in managing Jan & Dean.
Tom Bahler742 viewsIn the late '60s, Tom Bahler — along with his brother, John, and Ron Hicklin, Glen Campbell, and others — sang on tracks for the "Carnival of Sound" LP. Tom had been in a band called The Love Generation; and with Hicklin's team went on to sing for the Partridge Family and others.
P. F. Sloan and Steve Barri859 viewsPhil Sloan (right) and Steve Barri were songwriters for Screen Gems under the aegis of Lou Adler when they joined the Jan & Dean fold. Sloan and Barri sang harmony vocals for Jan & Dean in 1964 and 1965. They recorded as The Fantastic Baggys (and other names) and wrote several songs recorded by Jan & Dean. Sloan also sang the falsetto lead on several prominent Jan Berry productions, including "The Little Old Lady (from Pasadena)." Phil rose to fame as singer-sogwriter P. F. Sloan in 1965.
Jill Gibson1195 viewsJill Gibson was Jan Berry's longtime girlfriend and songwriting partner. Jan arranged and produced her solo single "It's As Easy As 1, 2, 3" for Imperial in 1964. Jill went on to sing on the second album of The Mamas & The Papas, produced by Lou Adler. She was a photographer at the Monterey Pop Festival in '67, and is currently a talented portrait artist and sculptor.
Artie Kornfeld936 viewsArtie Kornfeld (center back) with Steve Duboff and Sonny & Cher, 1965. Artie co-wrote several songs with Jan Berry, including "I Adore Him (a #13 R&B hit) for the Angels in '63, and "Dead Man's Curve" for Jan & Dean. Jan and Artie were roommates for a brief period in Los Angeles. Berry and Kornfeld were both signed to Screen Gems as songwriters.
Brian Wilson814 viewsJan Berry and Brian Wilson (leader of the Beach Boys) co-wrote ten songs together between 1963 and 1964 — "Gonna Hustle You," "Surf City," "She's My Summer Girl," "Drag City," "Surf Route 101," "Dead Man's Curve," "The New Girl In School," "Ride the Wild Surf," Surfin' Wild," and "Move Out Little Mustang." Five of these were among Jan & Dean's biggest hits. "Sidewalk Surfin'" (penned by Wilson and Roger Christian) was also a hit for Jan & Dean.
Dr. Don Altfeld878 viewsDon Altfeld was Jan Berry's best friend from the late '50s through the mid '60s. Don co-wrote more songs with Jan than any other collaborator — from Jan & Arnie in 1958 through "Carnival of Sound" in 1968. Jan and Don were roommates and attended medical school together at the California College of Medicine.
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