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John Cowsill2894 viewsJohn Cowsill — John played drums for Jan & Dean during their tour of China in 1986. Photo from Conni Troisi.
Dean Torrence723 viewsDean Torrence. Photo by Mark Moore.
Bobby Figueroa and Sterling Smith661 viewsSterling Smith (keyboards) and Bobby Figueroa (drums). Photo by Mark Moore.
Bill and Clara Berry808 viewsFrom right to left: Jan's parents, Bill and Clara Berry, and longtime family friend Jeanne Stout Burke. Photo from Conni Troisi.
Preparations861 viewsFrom left to right: Rita Collins, Mark Moore, Eric Zoller, Al Nassar, Gertie Berry, and Phyllis Carbone. Inflating beach balls in preparation for the bash. Hey, who appointed Al supervisor? Phyllis tried a new straw technique that didn't work very well. Mark and Gertie promptly split to run errands. Photo from Conni Troisi.
Dean Torrence and Jill Gibson1017 viewsJill Gibson (right), Jan's longtime girlfriend and songwriting partner, with Dean Torrence. It was a special night for Jan's closest friends and associates (many of whom hadn't seen each other in years) to mingle and talk about old times. Photo from Lori Brown.
Dean Torrence and The Honeys763 viewsFrom left to right: Randell Kirsch, David Logeman, Ginger Blake, Dean Torrence, and Diane Rovell. Photo from Conni Troisi.
Dean Torrence and the Band694 viewsFrom left to right: Dean Torrence, Gary Griffin, Mark Ward, and Jimi-Jo Rush. Photo by Mark Moore.
Dean & Doc695 viewsMichael "Doc Rock" Kelly (left) and Dean Torrence. Photo from Lori Brown.
Dean Torrence and the Honeys686 viewsDean Torrence onstage with the Honeys. Photo by Mark Moore.
Diane & Ginger706 viewsDiane Rovell (right) and Ginger Blake of the Honeys. Photo by Mark Moore.
Dean Torrence700 viewsDean Torrence . . . Tell us the news, Deano. Photo from Lori Brown.
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