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Random files - The 1950s
Jan & Arnie914 views"Santa Monica Evening Outlook," April 30, 1958.
Jan & Arnie994 viewsJan Berry's first contract with producer Joe Jubin, March 21, 1958. Joe Lubin Personal Collection, Los Angeles, California. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication prohibited.
Jan & Dean832 views1959.
TV Radio Mirror1037 viewsTV Radio Mirror — Vol. 51, No.1, December 1958 — Featuring "Jennie Lee" by Jan & Arnie, p. 9.
Jan Berry's 1958 Corvette1265 viewsRestored and currently owned by Jim Blanchard, who bought it from Jan in 1963.
Jan & Arnie972 viewsFrom Left to Right: Jan Berry, Jack Benny, and Arnie Ginsburg, 1958.
Jan & Arnie1475 viewsDIG Magazine — Vol. 4, No. 1, January 1959 — Featuring Jan & Arnie — Jan Berry (right) and Arnie Ginsburg.
Jan & Arnie1035 viewsPhoto autographed to Joe Lubin, 1958. from Joe Lubin's personal collection.

Last additions - The 1950s
Jennie Lee - The Bazoom Girl1181 viewsFollies Burlesque advertisement.Mar 14, 2011
Jan & Arnie - Dick Clark - Hollywood Bowl1117 viewsJan & Arnie at the Hollywood Bowl. August 24, 1958Mar 04, 2011
Jennie Lee1337 viewsAd for single release. Though "Jennie Lee" was issued on the Arwin label, it was distributed by Dot Records. Note that the title is misspelled. The correct spelling is "Jennie." Billboard, April 28, 1958.Feb 27, 2011
Jan Berry's 1958 Corvette1265 viewsRestored and currently owned by Jim Blanchard, who bought it from Jan in 1963.Feb 27, 2011
Joe Lubin and Doris Day1259 viewsIn 1958, Paramount released a feature film (a romantic comedy) called Teacher's Pet, starring Doris Day, Clark Gable, Gig Young, and Mamie Van Doren. In this image from Joe's personal collection, Lubin and Day review a chart for "The Girl Who Invented Rock 'n' Roll"—written by Lubin and performed in the film by bombshell Mamie Van Doren. That same year, Joe stumbled upon a couple of resourceful teenagers from West L.A. who were experimenting with their own kind of music—Jan Berry and Arnie Ginsburg. The rest is history.
Feb 23, 2011
Jan & Dean892 viewsPromoting appearances with Dick Clark at the Hollywood Bowl (California) and the Michigan State Fair (September 4-7, 1959).Feb 19, 2011
Jan & Dean967 viewsCirca late '50s - Early '60s.Feb 19, 2011
Jan & Dean976 views1959Feb 19, 2011