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Second Wave — 20th Anniversary Re-Issue

A Conversation with Associate Producer Rob Kuropatwa
By Mark A. Moore
Author of The Jan & Dean Record

After the limited release of Jan & Dean’s Port to Paradise album in 1986, Jan Berry forged ahead with new solo material. By 1988 he had begun writing “She’s Dancing, Dancing” with Sandy St. John (wife of Dick & Dee Dee’s Dick St. John), and “Love Her Tonight” with Jeff Solomon.

Jan’s subsequent connection with a young singer-songwriter named Rob Kuropatwa forged a creative partnership that would eventually lead to Jan’s solo album Second Wave, released on One Way Records in 1997. People magazine covered the album’s debut in August of ‘97. Jan passed away on March 26, 2004, and a Memorial Edition of Second Wave was issued to coincide with Jan’s Celebration of Life, a rousing party held at the Roxy Theatre in Hollywood, California. Everyone who attended—including many of Jan’s friends, family, and professional colleagues—received a copy of the Memorial Edition, which included new packaging and a 16-page booklet printed by Rainbo Records in Santa Monica. With the release of the 20th Anniversary Edition by Wounded Bird Records on May 4, 2018—the album’s third incarnation, featuring two new bonus tracks—I asked Rob to share some insight on the project, and on working with Jan in the studio.

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Carnival of Sound


In 1967-68, following a decade of major chart success with Jan & Dean, Jan Berry returned to the studio after a life-threatening automobile accident in 1966.

The result was a Sunshine Pop / Psychedelic opus — a big-studio Wrecking Crew album that officially remained shelved for more than 40 years . . . until 2010.

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Jan Berry 101: A Study in Composition

Jan Berry 101: A Study in Composition — With Bach, Old Ladies, and Bats
By Mark A. Moore
Author of The Jan & Dean Record

ESQ, Summer 2004

Between 1958 and the beginning of 1963, Jan Berry’s talents blossomed as a songwriter, arranger, and producer. During that period, Jan (with successive partners Arnie Ginsburg and Dean Torrence) scored two Top 10 hits, one Top 30 single, and seven additional chart records in the Top 100. There had also been two albums featuring six original compositions co-authored by Berry (in addition to the sides he co-wrote for Jan & Arnie).

By the end of 1962, Jan had fully taken over the reins from producer Lou Adler. “Early on,” recalls Lou, “it was evident that at some point Jan was going to be able to produce himself. On the early Jan & Dean records, a lot of the parts were done by Jan. And so when that first happened I continued to produce, and then I just sort of started to supervise, and then I started to consult. And it just evolved into that.” Jan was 21 years old; and from that point forward he assumed full control in the studio (as well as control over the creative direction for the act).

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