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Jan Berry Tribute

Jan Berry of Jan & Dean
Produced by Cameron Michael Parkes and Mark A. Moore
Cover Image © Jill Gibson
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1. The Anaheim, Azusa & Cucamonga Sewing Circle, Book Review and Timing AssociationTripsitter with Parkes & Moore, and Probyn Gregory on horns

2. It’s As Easy As 1, 2, 3Lisa Mychols with Probyn Gregory on horns

3. Dead Man’s CurveParkes & Moore with Probyn Gregory on horns; Vocal recitation by Ken Berry

4. Ace of Hearts — Vic Diaz (of the Matadors) with Parkes & Moore

5. She’s My Summer Girl — Parkes & Moore

6. ‘B’ Gas Rickshaw — Paul Johnson (with Moore on temple blocks)

7. When It’s OverParkes & Moore with Jill Gibson

8. I Found A Girl — Parkes & Moore with Alan Boyd and P. F. Sloan, and Probyn Gregory on horns

9. Filet of Droll Pt. 1Stuff and Nonsense

10. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)Charles Pett of Box o’ Clox with Parkes & Moore

11. Bat No. 4Parkes

12. Filet of Droll Pt. 2 Stuff and Nonsense

13. Bat No. 1 David Marks (of the Beach Boys), with Moore on Percussion

14. Carnival of Sound — Tom Bahler with Parkes & Moore

15. Blowin’ My Mind — Parkes & Moore

16. Fan Tan — Don Grady (My Three Sons, The Yellow Balloon) and Michael Carey Schneider (Sneaker)

17. Love and HateParkes & Moore with Mike Deasy (of the Wrecking Crew)

18. I Know My Mind — Parkes & Moore with Laurie Biagini

19. Mulholland — Parkes & Moore with Gina Longo

20. Laurel & Hardy Parkes & Moore with Alan Boyd (C. Tidewater Finlayson)

21. Flight No. 9 (Cheyenne) — Parkes & Moore

22. California Sunshine — Robbin Thompson

23. Continuous Eternal (A Prose Poem) — Stephen Kalinich, featuring an unpublished melody by Jan Berry

24. The Anaheim, Azusa & Cucamonga Sewing Circle, Book Review and Timing Association – (A Capella Vocals)  — Tripsitter

25. Fan Tan –  (A Capella Vocals) Don Grady and Michael Carey Schneider

26. Audio Montage 1 (KJAN)Jan Berry, 1958

27. Audio Montage 2Jan & Arnie, 1958

28. Audio Montage 3Jan & Dean, 1964

29. Audio Montage 4Jan Berry, early 1980s, talking about Brian Wilson and “Surf City”

30. Surf CityChrista Collins (“The X Factor”) and the Woolly Bandits, with Billy Berry


Mastered by: Earle Mankey

Associate Producers: Alan Boyd and David M. Beard

Engineers: Matt Bennett, Billy Berry, Mattia Borrani, Alan Boyd, Mike “Doc” Buckley, Jeff Carroll, Mike Deasy, John Dickson, Steve Folta, Don Grady, Adam Harding, Greg Hauge, Paul Johnson, Jeff Lampson, Mark Linett, David Marks, Mark A. Moore, Cameron Michael Parkes, Tom Richards, and Julia Wolff

Recorded in: Los Angeles, CA;  Thousand Oaks, CA; Camarillo, CA, Burbank, CA, Goleta, CA; North Salem, NY; Nederland, TX; Las Vegas, NV; St. Paul, MN; Richmond, VA; Raleigh, NC, and Charlotte, NC

Cover Portrait: Jill Gibson — (Buy a copy here)

Liner Notes: Mark A. Moore and David M. Beard

Album Design: David M. Beard

© 2008 Cincecam Music Productions